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Summer, the kids and the pool

It Summer. My oldest son is out of school since the beginning of the month. As Summer activities, we have been going to the pool for swimming classes two to three times a week. This all took a tall on me (but also walking around Sea Paradise Hakeijima all day yesterday), and I decided to stay at home and blog about the last two outfits I wore to go to the pool.

1st outfit:
Blue scarf - Daiso
Black tank top - old
Cropped lace top - Epice du Mode
Printed maxi skirt - stolen
Leggings - Dots
Gladiators - Bonita

Skirt worn as dress

Very fluid

Elephant print

Gladiator sandals

I am in love with the skirt. I told a friend of mine that I often send some old clothes at home to give to orphans or family members. She offered to give me two bags of old clothes she wanted to throw away. As I was checking the clothes before packing them, I found this gem of a skirt. I saw a similar skirt in a Bangkok market back in March but for some reasons, I could not purchase it. That is why I grabbed this skirt for…

My new favorite place to shop in Japan: 390 Mart (Thank you Mart)

Sometimes, my husband asked me if I miss living in Houston. I often respond that the only things I miss are watching the View every morning, the spinach quesadilla at Chacho's, the buffet at Dimassi's, being able to shop early in the morning, Walmart, Target, Ross and Goodwill. I really do miss Goodwill. I found some great pieces there that I jealously keep.
 I have not been able to thrift in Japan. Thrift shops are really pricey here. They want to give more of a vintage vibe than second hand clothes. I love going to Fam's market in my neighborhood because it is relatively affordable. However, the sizes are way too small for my beig gaijin frame.
 Therefore imagine how I felt when I entered 390 Mart and discovered racks full of clothes in American size.
 I knew about 390 Mart for a long time. The first time I entered one, I did enjoy the shop but was not interested in old clothes. I was not into thrifting then. Back in those days I could not imagine putting money into used…