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Summer, the kids and the pool

It Summer. My oldest son is out of school since the beginning of the month. As Summer activities, we have been going to the pool for swimming classes two to three times a week. This all took a tall on me (but also walking around Sea Paradise Hakeijima all day yesterday), and I decided to stay at home and blog about the last two outfits I wore to go to the pool.

1st outfit:
Blue scarf - Daiso
Black tank top - old
Cropped lace top - Epice du Mode
Printed maxi skirt - stolen
Leggings - Dots
Gladiators - Bonita

Skirt worn as dress

Very fluid

                                                                     Elephant print

                                                                  Gladiator sandals

I am in love with the skirt. I told a friend of mine that I often send some old clothes at home to give to orphans or family members. She offered to give me two bags of old clothes she wanted to throw away. As I was checking the clothes before packing them, I found this gem of a skirt. I saw a similar skirt in a Bangkok market back in March but for some reasons, I could not purchase it. That is why I grabbed this skirt for myself. But I have a problem. Should I tell my friend that I decided to keep the skirt for myself or not?On one hand I do not want her to think that I grabbed all her clothes without sending them to the intended receivers. One the other, I think that it does not matter because she was about the throw the skirt away anyway. What should I do?
Another problem I have with the skirt is that as a maxi skirt, it is not too long. It arrives mid calf (I hate all things maxi that do not drop to the floor). Here I tried wearing it as a dress but the elastic waist is too wide for my upper half and it kept on sliding while I was walking (thank GOD I had on a tank top). I am not sure I really want to keep the skirt. I may have to re-think the styling.  

2nd outfit:
Scarf - Langkawi night market
Top - Forever 21
Pants - H&M
Bag - Pratunam Market Thailand
Bangle - Joa
Shoes - Bonita

H&M red orange jeans- my first colored jeans

Love this Forever 21 studded top but do not wear it too often coz it is way too big

                                                          Love, love, my new Summer shoes

I am in love with these shoes. I bought them on impulse. I was looking for wedges in Bonita store and found some true gems. But they were all a lit bit small. As I was leaving the store, my eyes stopped on these shoes and I tried them on. I decided to purchase them a size smaller because I wanted to fit perfectly. I realised after wearing them 3 times now that they are very comfy shoes. They do not heart my feet and they are very cute. They are going to be my to go shoes this Summer. And they cost only....(drum roll please) 1380Y. Cute and cheap! What it not to love?

Yesterday I went to Sea Paradise Hakeijima for the first time. I had a blast with the kids. And the hubby and I decided to make it one of our regular Summer spots. Walking around Sea Paradise, I realise why I love Japan so much: Japanese ladies are fierce when it comes to Fashion. They are not scared to try things out. I saw so many outfits that blew my mind. I even brought my camera because I envision that I could snap some pics of the ladies and make an outfit post (I was quite happy of what I wore yesterday). But as I took the camera out to take pics, I realised that I left my memory card in my laptop. I wanted to scream.....Anyway, snap pictures will have to wait for another time.


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