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Hi Y'all!

It is getting too hot to properly function. I just want to stay home under the fan and nap all day. What about you?
To stay cool, I opt to dress with light fabric like cotton and linen. Man made material can easily turn into the enemy under this heat. Yet I chose to wear this jersey skirt today.

Printed scarf - Gift Chambray shirt - thrifted (Liberte 6 market) Jersey maxi skirt - HLM market Shoes - La Folie Necklace and Earrings - MG road market (India) Bracelet - Saturday Market Ring - so old but probably bought in Japan Lipstick - Kiko

I thought of this ensemble the night before wearing it. I love a good jersey skirt in grey color. And this one right here is just perfect because the fabric is light; yet the skirt is too long. So long that it can actually become a sleeveless dress. I have never worn the skirt to work because it is the type of skirt that shows all my curves. But I was determined to try it with this chambray shirt that at least covers my bum. I added the …


This year for Summer, I had decided to take just a few days off and get out of the city. I wanted to go to a quiet and private place. So I went with my brother, his new wife and my two boys to Mbour, which is a city a few kilometers outside of Dakar, and stayed in a beautiful house with a pool not far from the beach. More about it on the other blog.

I wanted a house with a private pool because I wanted to swim without being bothered by other people. As much as I enjoy hotel pools, I cannot see myself wearing a swimsuit in public nowadays. The reason being modesty, not liking my current body and being fearful of what people might say.  
Anyway we stayed in Keur Dan for three nights and 4 days, swimming, sleeping, eating, playing cards and doing a bit of sightseeing. 

Straw hat- borrowed from Sis in law Cover up - Petersen market Dress - thrifted, Colobane market Wedges - Thrifted, Saturday Market 

On the last day, we had family over for a "Yendu" which is another word for a p…