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DIY/ DIM Laced up Ballet flats

Hello readers!

How are you?

Today I am bringing you yet another super easy Diy. It is not about clothes since I have been lazy to make something from scratch lately. Today is about the laced up flats that have been popping everywhere recently. I have been lusting over them for a while but I could not find them anywhere in Pune. I was about to give up when I saw some bloggers "diying" the shoes. It looked so easy that I decided to make them as well. For a while, I put my Diy on hold because I wanted pointed toe flats that I did not have in my closet. Or so I thought!

While going through my shoes the other day I found this pair of Trf Zara striped flats that I had for ages but barely wear. I decided that I would use these shoes.

If you also want to Diy the shoes, here is what to do:

1. You will need :
- a pair of flats, round toe or pointed toe would be fine ( but pointed look a tad more elegant I think)
- 2 to 3 yards of cord
- A heavy duty punch hole  ( mine was a normal one…


No I do not drink! But I woke up on January 1st 2016 with a severe case of hangover and food coma. I have been on a eating and drinking (juices that is!) binge for two days and my body could not take it anymore. My head was throbbing, my body aching and I could barely breathe due to a stuffed nose. I quickly swallowed some Ibuprofen hoping it will heal it all.

I wonder why people go all out on New year's eve. Come to think of it, it is a holiday that we impose on ourselves. Who decided that there was such a thing as a calendar, and dates and years? And who decided that it was a must to celebrate such end of the year. It is not even a religious event come to think of it. Therefore its importance should be way less. But everywhere you turn on this planet, people will celebrate it and the funniest part is that it is not even at the same time. If you are blessed to have family and friends all over the world like I do, just a quick tour on Facebook will let you know the timing of celeb…

White Elephant ( DIY/ DIM: African print mirror work vest )

Hi y'all!

Okay! It is officially the holiday season. Even in India, people are getting excited about Christmas and New year's with decorations being sold, toys stores going overboard with their deals and do not even get me starting on retail stores. Moreover my kids have all kind of Christmas related events before they go on vacations.

But Mommy was not left out. I had several lunches to attend: one was a potluck, the second a white elephant lunch and the last one was a farewell. In the expat community, many people tend to leave Pune for either long Christmas holidays ( back home or somewhere else) or they leave Pune for good. Some of them like to get together to either say goodbye or just have plain old fun.

That is what I did today. I had two lunches: one with the spouse group of my husband's company and another with my belly dance crew to say farewell to a member. For the 1st lunch, we have decided to do a white elephant game. I have never played it before but the rules…