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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY/ DIM Laced up Ballet flats

Hello readers!

How are you?

Today I am bringing you yet another super easy Diy. It is not about clothes since I have been lazy to make something from scratch lately. Today is about the laced up flats that have been popping everywhere recently. I have been lusting over them for a while but I could not find them anywhere in Pune. I was about to give up when I saw some bloggers "diying" the shoes. It looked so easy that I decided to make them as well. For a while, I put my Diy on hold because I wanted pointed toe flats that I did not have in my closet. Or so I thought!

While going through my shoes the other day I found this pair of Trf Zara striped flats that I had for ages but barely wear. I decided that I would use these shoes.

If you also want to Diy the shoes, here is what to do:

1. You will need :
- a pair of flats, round toe or pointed toe would be fine ( but pointed look a tad more elegant I think)
- 2 to 3 yards of cord
- A heavy duty punch hole  ( mine was a normal one but I had to press hard on it to make a hole)
- Pom Poms or tassels ( optional)

2. Make the holes

Wear the shoes and decide where you want to have the holes. Mark them with a pen. Take the punch hole and make the holes.

Mark the holes. 

My puncher was not strong enough so I used chopsticks to widen the holes. 

3. Lace it up

Cut your cord in half. Then put it through the holes starting at the top. Try to make patterns so the cord lace your entire shoe. You can wear your shoe to have a better visual.

Putting the cord through the holes. This one at the back already came with the shoes so that made the job easier. 

And that is it. I secured the end of my cord with decorative red tape.

I was not entirely satisfied so I added pom poms.

Add the pom poms using a needle and matching thread.

The entire thing cost me about 150 rps ( less than $2) for the cords, the punch hole and the pom poms which is nothing comparing to the 2000 rps (or more) that the lace up shoes cost at Zara or Forever 21 ( I finally found some there) . So will you try it out?

Wearing them with double denim and matching scarf! 

PS : You can substitute the cords with ribbons or even beaded cords. The possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


No I do not drink! But I woke up on January 1st 2016 with a severe case of hangover and food coma. I have been on a eating and drinking (juices that is!) binge for two days and my body could not take it anymore. My head was throbbing, my body aching and I could barely breathe due to a stuffed nose. I quickly swallowed some Ibuprofen hoping it will heal it all.

I wonder why people go all out on New year's eve. Come to think of it, it is a holiday that we impose on ourselves. Who decided that there was such a thing as a calendar, and dates and years? And who decided that it was a must to celebrate such end of the year. It is not even a religious event come to think of it. Therefore its importance should be way less. But everywhere you turn on this planet, people will celebrate it and the funniest part is that it is not even at the same time. If you are blessed to have family and friends all over the world like I do, just a quick tour on Facebook will let you know the timing of celebrations around the world.

This year I was back home again. And as usual I was celebrating new year's at my parents. It is my mother's birthday therefore I could not escape it even if I wanted to. As usual my parents went overboard when it came to food with grilled chicken, liver, beef, spring rolls, french fries, onion sauce, and endless juices. I was in charge of bringing cakes to blow the candles and I settled for two tarts: one in apple, one in pear. My brother's fiance also came along bringing pastries and a decadent cake. Let us just say there was enough food to feed an army.

This was not even a quarter of the meat we grilled that day.  

My mother's birthday cake : a mix of creme brulee and tiramisu 

Unlike previous years, we dined late. We usually start eating by 8:30  pm the latest but at that hour we still have not finished grilling the meats. Once we were done at 9, my father's brother ( who lives in England but happened to come for the holidays) and his wife were not there yet. And my brother's fiance was stuck in traffic. I was in a mood because I was hungry and tired and pmsing. I just wanted to eat, sit and enjoy. But funnily enough all my bad mood disappeared once everybody arrived. My aunt was dressed to the nine and looked nothing like her 40 something age. She was glowing. And we understood why it took them all this time. We started to eat, and talk, teasing each other like we always do. Every once in a while we would receive a call from a relative overseas and we would take turn to talk to him. My uncle and aunt left early for another party and we proceeded to cut the cake. My Mother was really happy to get all the attention and the gifts. She really chose the perfect day to be born. We went home way after midnight when my husband came to pick us up. He stayed with his family to celebrate that night.

We are fortunate to be able to afford such a feast. But we are not the only one. Sénégalese people like to celebrate and the best way to do it is to be surrounded by loved ones eating lots of good food. The haves do it lavishly, the have nots still try and do it with what they can afford, or they borrow it to keep up with appearances. It has always been the case at all religious events like Eid and Easter in my country but the end of the year is still very special. And people like to party. When I was younger it was more about going out dancing all night with friends. But now people get together and just sit around and talk, go to fancy restaurants or clubs ( there is still a little dancing involved I heard).

With all this complaining about food binging and all, I am still grateful to be able to spend new year's eve with my family. It may not always turn out like I imagined but I still enjoy it nevertheless. I laughed a lot, I ate a lot, I was happy a lot. And that is a great beginning to any new year in my book!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

PS: this is what I had decided to wear for the new year's eve home party but as usual by the time I was done cooking and all, I was so tired I skipped the dressing up part and stayed in the tunic I wore all day. Every year it is the same shenanigans. I wonder why I even bother. Still it would be a shame not to let you enjoy it:

Scarf - Shivaji market
Blouse - Just Brands
Skirt - I made it
Shoes - Gift
Clutch - Thrifted
Jewelry - Charming Charlie

I can't help but think that these shoes did not look right with the skirt but they were the only heels I brought with me.

Monday, January 4, 2016

White Elephant ( DIY/ DIM: African print mirror work vest )

Hi y'all!

Okay! It is officially the holiday season. Even in India, people are getting excited about Christmas and New year's with decorations being sold, toys stores going overboard with their deals and do not even get me starting on retail stores. Moreover my kids have all kind of Christmas related events before they go on vacations.

But Mommy was not left out. I had several lunches to attend: one was a potluck, the second a white elephant lunch and the last one was a farewell. In the expat community, many people tend to leave Pune for either long Christmas holidays ( back home or somewhere else) or they leave Pune for good. Some of them like to get together to either say goodbye or just have plain old fun.

That is what I did today. I had two lunches: one with the spouse group of my husband's company and another with my belly dance crew to say farewell to a member. For the 1st lunch, we have decided to do a white elephant game. I have never played it before but the rules were simple. Each person coming to lunch would bring a present of a decided budget, then we each take a turn and choose a present. Once opened we can decide if we want to keep it or just steal a present someone else has. We had so much fun opening the presents and stealing them. Plus it was a nice ice breaker for all the new comers to our group. I do not remember the last time I had so much fun over getting or stealing presents. I did not want to leave but I had to. At another restaurant in town, my belly dance crew were already gathering. We ate and talked but we also took 100 of pictures ( I am not exaggerating). Finally we presented our friend with gifts and a card wishing her a safe journey back home.

For the lunches, I wanted to be comfy, casual but with a twist. Here is what I wore

Vest - Made by me
Blouse - Just Brands
Jeans - HM
Shoes - gift
Bag - M.G. Road
Watch - gift

 This vest was actually a Kurta ( tunic) I had to make for garment making class two years ago when I was in fashion school. I successfully made the tunic but it was too big. ( My teacher did warn me but I told her that I like my clothes to be oversized). Then I took it in and it became too tight. I was getting bored with the whole thing so I removed the sleeves, and turn it into a vest. I just folded the tunic in half lengthwise, iron it and just cut it open at the front. Then I hemmed the openings. Finally I proceeded to bling it up with huge sequins and small ones. I am still going to add more when I have the time. That is what I love about making clothes, even when I think I  have finished a garment, I always find a way to upgrade it or simply change it.

Big sequins ( or commonly called mirror work in here)

Can you spot the small sequins on the side?

The details! 

I am not sure I will be posting before Christmas and New year's so I am wishing you to have a wonderful time spent with loved ones, good food and good fun all in peace and joy. I also want to thank you for reading me, whether you just started or you have been doing it for years. I always say this blog is mostly for my own fun, but it still nice to know that other people enjoy it too.

See you in 2016, Inchallah (God willing!) !

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