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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY/ DIM Laced up Ballet flats

Hello readers!

How are you?

Today I am bringing you yet another super easy Diy. It is not about clothes since I have been lazy to make something from scratch lately. Today is about the laced up flats that have been popping everywhere recently. I have been lusting over them for a while but I could not find them anywhere in Pune. I was about to give up when I saw some bloggers "diying" the shoes. It looked so easy that I decided to make them as well. For a while, I put my Diy on hold because I wanted pointed toe flats that I did not have in my closet. Or so I thought!

While going through my shoes the other day I found this pair of Trf Zara striped flats that I had for ages but barely wear. I decided that I would use these shoes.

If you also want to Diy the shoes, here is what to do:

1. You will need :
- a pair of flats, round toe or pointed toe would be fine ( but pointed look a tad more elegant I think)
- 2 to 3 yards of cord
- A heavy duty punch hole  ( mine was a normal one but I had to press hard on it to make a hole)
- Pom Poms or tassels ( optional)

2. Make the holes

Wear the shoes and decide where you want to have the holes. Mark them with a pen. Take the punch hole and make the holes.

Mark the holes. 

My puncher was not strong enough so I used chopsticks to widen the holes. 

3. Lace it up

Cut your cord in half. Then put it through the holes starting at the top. Try to make patterns so the cord lace your entire shoe. You can wear your shoe to have a better visual.

Putting the cord through the holes. This one at the back already came with the shoes so that made the job easier. 

And that is it. I secured the end of my cord with decorative red tape.

I was not entirely satisfied so I added pom poms.

Add the pom poms using a needle and matching thread.

The entire thing cost me about 150 rps ( less than $2) for the cords, the punch hole and the pom poms which is nothing comparing to the 2000 rps (or more) that the lace up shoes cost at Zara or Forever 21 ( I finally found some there) . So will you try it out?

Wearing them with double denim and matching scarf! 

PS : You can substitute the cords with ribbons or even beaded cords. The possibilities are endless!

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