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Heavy Rotation Challenge: Week 3

Day 15: Sept 12
Beige scarf + White shirt + Wide legs jeans + Pink and teal sandals + Sequin bag

That day was freaking hot. I would have loved to wear shorts with this shirt. The later was great under the heat. Fall is suppose to start in a few weeks but I am sure the temperatures will keep on rising until October at least.

Day 16: Sept 13
White scarf + Black vest + Colorblocked dress + Beaded sandals + Sequin bag

Another hot day called for another breezy outfit. This dress is just great. As I was walking, I realised that if ever I work someday, I would like to wear dresses as comfy as this one. I am not sure I will be allowed maxi dresses but even shorter dresses in this material are welcome. They are just easy to put on: no buttons, no belt, no ironing. Cuts the dressing up time in half in the morning .

Day 17: Sept 14
Flower scarf +White and orange tee + Skinny jeans + Aztec sandals

I love this shirt I got at Zara. I want another one like this one in a different color but I think I …

Heavy Rotation challenge : Week 2

So this is week two of my challenge. I am keeping it up although I have already failed last Saturday by wearing something that was not included in the challenge. I am so bad at this but ppersistence is the key. So here is Week 2 in pictures

Day 9: Sept 5
Black cap + Oversize tee + Red orange jeans + Aztec sandals + Tan clutch

I was so exhausted on Monday. I woke up thinking that it would rain so I wore this. It was Sunshine all and all of sudden it started pouring when I came back from my son's school and I did not have an umbrella on hand. I had to hide in empty covered parking lot with a friend of mine. But thankfully the rain did not last. This Typhoon number 12 is really killing me here.
I did not have time to take a pic, but my outfit looked like this minus the scarf and the bag.

Day 10: Sept 6
Beige scarf + Studded top + Red orange pants + Gladiator sandals + Basket bag

I had lunch with an old classmate today. We went to eat Sweets in Vivre Yokohama and window shop before …

This is what you get for cheating

I got blisters on my feet because I cheated on my clothes. Here is what I wore:
White scarf - Gifted
Flower headband - H&M
Cropped eyelet jacket - Just In
Tube maxi dress - Ross
Basket bag - Thrifted Fam's market
Shoes - Ross

For almost 10 days now, I started a challenge called Kimawashi. I am supposed to wear only a bunch of my clothes (around 32 items) and only that for an entire month. But one week after I started the challenge, I got bored with the clothes I picked up and went for this dress instead. Well, I had a good reason. Of of my juniors from high school and university, came to Japan for work and wanted to have lunch with me.  We were 3 girls coming from the same school in Senegal who ended up studying in the same university in Japan. What are the odds of that happening? Apparently pretty high, since I hear there is another new comer from the same high school, although she did not go to my uni. Did I open the doors to studying in Japan for my juniors back home? I wou…

Heavy Rotation

For the rest of Summer, I am taking on a challenge to wear just a bunch of my clothes. How is that a challenge you may ask since I only wear a bunch of my clothes anyway? Well this time, I was inspired by Japanese fashions magazines which always have pieces on how to wear a few clothes for an entire month or more. They often call those pieces Kimawashi but I am calling mine Heavy Rotation.

The challenge is to survive an entire month on 32 clothing items: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and bags. I can only wear the clothes I selected and nothing else. However, I am allowed to add one item by clothing department to avoid being stuck in the middle of the challenge. (Sundays are not included in my challenge because I stay at home wearing sweats or almost nothing all day)

Here are the items I chose:

The Tops: White blouse,Yellow men's shirt, Animal printed tee, Oversized tee, Striped top with zipper, Striped tee, Studded top and Sequin tee

 The Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, African print ski…