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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is what you get for cheating

I got blisters on my feet because I cheated on my clothes.
Here is what I wore:
White scarf - Gifted
Flower headband - H&M
Cropped eyelet jacket - Just In
Tube maxi dress - Ross
Basket bag - Thrifted Fam's market
Shoes - Ross

For almost 10 days now, I started a challenge called Kimawashi. I am supposed to wear only a bunch of my clothes (around 32 items) and only that for an entire month. But one week after I started the challenge, I got bored with the clothes I picked up and went for this dress instead. Well, I had a good reason. Of of my juniors from high school and university, came to Japan for work and wanted to have lunch with me.  We were 3 girls coming from the same school in Senegal who ended up studying in the same university in Japan. What are the odds of that happening? Apparently pretty high, since I hear there is another new comer from the same high school, although she did not go to my uni. Did I open the doors to studying in Japan for my juniors back home? I would like to think so.
But I digress. I mean, my junior is the sweetest girl ever. I really like her a lot. But for this lunch, I wanted to impress. Why would you ask? Well, she is like 4 years my junior and she has (one) of the jobs I dreamt of having. I am not sure I know all the aspects of her life but as far I am concerned, she is the career woman when I am just a housewife. Feeling that low, I could not possibly go to lunch wearing something casual. I had to dress up a bit. I ended up wearing this dress that I love, but it kept on falling (because it is a tube dress with no straps) and these shoes I have not worn sine 2008. Result I have blisters on my toes because apparently my feet grew since 2008. And she showed up looking cute and casual in nice top and red trousers. I could have died.
Nevertheless, I had a great time talking to her and some other acquaintances that joined us. I had to rush out to take my son to his swimming class but it was a good day. I am so proud of my junior. She used to be this cute little girl and now she is the professional woman. Obviously I had nothing to do with it, but I still feel proud.

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