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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heavy Rotation

For the rest of Summer, I am taking on a challenge to wear just a bunch of my clothes. How is that a challenge you may ask since I only wear a bunch of my clothes anyway? Well this time, I was inspired by Japanese fashions magazines which always have pieces on how to wear a few clothes for an entire month or more. They often call those pieces Kimawashi but I am calling mine Heavy Rotation.

The challenge is to survive an entire month on 32 clothing items: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and bags. I can only wear the clothes I selected and nothing else. However, I am allowed to add one item by clothing department to avoid being stuck in the middle of the challenge. (Sundays are not included in my challenge because I stay at home wearing sweats or almost nothing all day)

Here are the items I chose:

The Tops: White blouse,Yellow men's shirt, Animal printed tee, Oversized tee, Striped top with zipper, Striped tee, Studded top and Sequin tee

 The Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, African print skirt, White pants, Wide legs jeans, Red orange jeans, Maxi skirt,  and Cargo pants

 The Dresses: Tie dye green dress, Color blocked dress, African print dress and Striped dress

The Outers: Striped cardigan, Black vest, Brown crocheted top and White lace cropped top

The Shoes:  Neon sports shoes, Brown gladiators, Striped flats, Studded sandals, Pink and teal sandals and Beaded sandals

The Bags: Striped bag, Beige and sequin tote, Tan shoulder bag and Basket bag

The Challenge in pictures
Week 1

Day 1- Aug 25:
White scarf + Striped Cardigan + Oversized tee +  Skinny jeans + Neon sports shoes + Striped bag

I planned on wearing something else for the first day. I wanted to be a bit formal because I was supposed to talk to new parents at my son's school about important school events and the parental activities. However when I woke up, it was raining so I switched to something more casual.

Day 2 - Aug 26:
Black cap + Oversized tee + Cargo pants + Gladiator sandals

Apparently this outfit is a miss. My husband said that I looked like a maid picking up someone else's child from school. He came with me to pick up our son and he saw other mothers who dressed up. So I think in comparison, my outfit looked kind of blah. Will have to rethink the styling because I love how comfy this is.

Day 3 - Aug 27
Flower scarf + Striped tee + Black vest + Wide legs jeans + Studded sandals + Striped bag

I bought this vest a year ago and this was the first time I was wearing it. I was very happy to realise that it was not very hard to style. And even if it was hot, I felt very at ease wearing two tops. Funny how I almost look like a pirate in this outfit. Thank GOD, I did not wear my striped shoes.

Day 4 - Aug 29:
White scarf + Yellow Men's shirt + African printed dress + Gladiators + Tan bag


I love this dress but since it is too short, I am wearing it as a skirt. And I am trying something I have not done since 1993: wearing a shirt and tying it. My Mother would have been appalled. I love this outfit and got compliments on the skirt. Yeah for me!

Day 5 - Aug 30:
Black cap + Animal printed tee + Black vest + Wide legs jeans + Pink and teal sandals + Tan bag

It was Eid el Fitr, the end of Ramadan so I should have worn something more fancy. But I was not going to any party and I did not want the extra attention at my son's school if I dress up so I dressed down. Maybe next year, there will be a party I can attend.

Day 6 - Aug 31:
White scarf + White lace top + tie dye green dress + Pink and teal sandals + Sequin tote bag

I am back being the coordinator of a Toddler's group at my son's school. Today we welcomed the group back and had some new members. I decided to go for a dress. I wore this outfit often during Summer. It is so hot that sometimes I go for something light and airy like this dress and this cropped top.

Day 7 Sept 1:
Green scarf + Yellow men's shirt + Skinny jeans + Gladiators + Sequin bag

It was supposed to rain that day but nothing. I walked around all day holding my umbrella like a fool . I wore my men's shirt paired with jeans in the morning but by the afternoon, I was so hot, I switched to another dress with the same cropped lace top. Two outfits in one day!

Green scarf + White lace top + Color blocked dress + Beaded sandals + Sequin tote

Day 8 - Sept 2:

Black cap + Striped tee + Cargo pants + Striped flats + Sequin bag

I loved how cute and easy to wear this outfit is. I really love my striped tee. I wish I had another one but in blue. The shoes are a bit tight but they are so much fun.

Week 1 was fun. I really enjoyed outfits for Day 3, 4 and 8. But I am getting bored with this already. What will Week 2 bring?

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