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Colorfully disappearing me

Someone once told me that environment changes the way we dress. For example, if we live in a place where the weather is very cold more than half of the year, we may own more coats than a person living in a tropical place. Well, after living in India for three months now, I notice a change in my sense of style. I am less colorful. 
I enjoy colors and I am not one to shy away from bold ones. This blog has proved that. I own shades of yellow, orange and even neon pink. But here for some reasons, I reach for things in a more subtle palette like black, white, brown, beige and navy blue. I gravitate towards those basics. I am not sure why. But I am guessing that it is because there is so much colors here. The clothes the Indian women wear on a daily basis are so colorfully in your face that I am somewhat put off by it. It is not that I do not like it. On the contrary I enjoy the multitude of shades of Saris and Kurti. It is just that as much as I enjoy seeing them on the Indian women, I co…

The ice queen has melted

It is hot. Melting hot. Too bad my body fat cannot really melt in this weather. But I can' t complain much. In the flat, the AC is working fine and we have a great breeze in the mornings. My main fear under this heat is to die of heat stroke. It is fine when you are indoors but outside the UV rays are unforgiving. Without a hat and sunglasses you are most likely to suffer. Not drinking enough water is also very bad. I am trying to remedy but once a week I do suffer from migraines.
Anyway today was another plain boring day with nothing much to do and here is what I wore:

Scarf - Langkawi night market
Shirt - G.U.
Pants - H&M
Shoes-  Thrifted
Bag - purchased somewhere in Harajuku
Necklace and pendant - random jewelry supply store in Landmark tower

Although I love these pants (and they still fit) I rarely wore them anymore. Last time was during moving day. Big mistake; everything was so dusty in the flat that at the end of the day I looked like a homeless. Plus with my younges…

Double Fun

Well, it has been a while. I have to apologize for staying away like this. I was busy with the move to India and really I did not have any appetite for blogging (although I had appetite for something else less healthy).

Anyway, after gaining a few pounds, dressing up became a struggle. None of my clothes fit me except from blouses and tunics I always buy bigger. Paired with jeans, they became my to go to outfits.

However today I wanted to shake things up a bit. So here is how I changed my uniform into something more fun.

Scarf - old thing from Walmart White blouse - Thrifted Striped tunic - Thrifted Leggings - Uniqlo Shoes - Thrifted Accessories - gifted

Funny how these shoes fit me better now

I revamped this simple silver bracelet by adding a "Love" charm I know some girls who wear two dresses but I have never seen people go for double tunic or blouses until I saw the new collection of  Indian designer Aneeth Arora . I am not sure that the dress below is actually two dresses…

Namaskar Pune !

Hi y'all! Sorry for disappearing on you after dropping the bomb that I was leaving Japan for an undisclosed location. Those of you who read me fervently, you must have been disappointed that I did not post for a while. I wanted to keep the suspense for sure but in reality I was just too busy to be blogging. But I am thinking that three months hiatus is enough. So here is the news: I am now living in a small city called Pune in India. Yes, India! The land of succulent food, extravagant weddings, and beautiful garments. Yes, India the land of Taj Mahal, of Bollywood and such. Yes, India the land where behind every super mall is a slum. I have always dreamed of visiting India. If you had read this blog more than once you know that I love everything Bollywood, and that I lust Indian food. You know that I surrounded myself with Indian women while living in Japan and they did not help contain my love for the country. So Imagine my surprise when my hubby told me that it could be our next…