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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Colorfully disappearing me

Someone once told me that environment changes the way we dress. For example, if we live in a place where the weather is very cold more than half of the year, we may own more coats than a person living in a tropical place. Well, after living in India for three months now, I notice a change in my sense of style. I am less colorful. 

I enjoy colors and I am not one to shy away from bold ones. This blog has proved that. I own shades of yellow, orange and even neon pink. But here for some reasons, I reach for things in a more subtle palette like black, white, brown, beige and navy blue. I gravitate towards those basics. I am not sure why. But I am guessing that it is because there is so much colors here. The clothes the Indian women wear on a daily basis are so colorfully in your face that I am somewhat put off by it. It is not that I do not like it. On the contrary I enjoy the multitude of shades of Saris and Kurti. It is just that as much as I enjoy seeing them on the Indian women, I could not possibly go for that for myself. It is like trying to compete with a pro. There is no way I can come out of this fight alive. So my brain pushes me to go the other route. 

In Japan, I was very colorful particularly in Winter because everyone around me tend to be more dark. I hated it because it made the Winter even more gloomier. So I bought sweaters in shades of yellow, coral and aquamarine to lighten my mood. In India though, everyone is colorful. I really do not need to add colors to my wardrobe to be happy because just by going outside my mood is lifted (like the other day when I passed a group of Women wearing Saris in blends of yellow, orange and pink and covering their entire head. I just wanted to get out of the car and snap a picture of this beauty) Therefore I can remain basic with my clothing. The later do no longer has the duty to uplift me.

Last week, I finally broke my three months shopping halt (self inflicted but not really on purpose) and got myself two Kurti. I spent an hour at the shop looking, touching, trying before settling for a Kurta in white with black prints and another white one with olive green prints. As far as I am concerned they were the more basic Kurti in the shop. Other choices included colors of red, blue, fuchsia, yellow, and mixed patterns that made me dizzy the more I looked at them. I could not possibly choose something that was suitable for me. It is sad because I am rarely overwhelmed by a color or a pattern. And I really want to rock a colorful Kurta.  I think the abundance of choice killed it for me. And this was just at the mall. Imagine going to the market. I may just faint in indecisiveness. I hope that for my sake (and for the sake of this blog), that I conquer my fear and go for the colorful Kurti. Because what is the point of all that talk about loving India, the colors and clothes here and not being daring enough to try them...
And for those who do not know what a Kurta is, it is just a long blouse or tunic made with lightweight material (preferably cotton) that comes sometimes up to the knee. Men and women alike wear this kind of clothing in India but also in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here, women wear it with cotton leggings of all colors. It is so much fun looking at them. It is like a uniform because practically everybody wears them on a daily basis. Some Kurti here have slits on the side that come all the way to the waist. I think it makes it easier to move around in them. But I find the slits to be very sexy as they show the thighs of women as they walk.

A colorful Kurta I would think twice before purchasing now

The ice queen has melted

It is hot. Melting hot. Too bad my body fat cannot really melt in this weather. But I can' t complain much. In the flat, the AC is working fine and we have a great breeze in the mornings. My main fear under this heat is to die of heat stroke. It is fine when you are indoors but outside the UV rays are unforgiving. Without a hat and sunglasses you are most likely to suffer. Not drinking enough water is also very bad. I am trying to remedy but once a week I do suffer from migraines.
Anyway today was another plain boring day with nothing much to do and here is what I wore:


Scarf - Langkawi night market
Shirt - G.U.
Pants - H&M
Shoes-  Thrifted
Bag - purchased somewhere in Harajuku
Necklace and pendant - random jewelry supply store in Landmark tower

Although I love these pants (and they still fit) I rarely wore them anymore. Last time was during moving day. Big mistake; everything was so dusty in the flat that at the end of the day I looked like a homeless. Plus with my youngest who still wants to be held, I end up having muddy or dusty shoe prints all over my pants. Nevertheless the color always makes me happy.

Notice my nails. Yep I have some kind of manicure on. Really it is called Henna, a natural die that women in India but also other parts of the world like my country apply on their hands. In India they usually apply it during Mehendi ceremonies before a wedding. An artist using a cone draws intricate patterns on the hands, and after they dry, they stay on for more than two weeks. But in Senegal we apply it on our nails without much patterns.
I love Mehendi but never get it done because it takes time for it to dry. Plus once it stains something it rarely comes off. Yet, last week after being bored out of my mind, I tried it on with a cone I bought during my last trip to Houston, at an Indian grocery stores of all places. The Henna was so dark that it stained my nails in less than an hour. The color is still very noticeable and it will stay that way for weeks until my nails grow out. Next time I will try to get the real Mehendi and show off. Since it is one of the main reasons I came to this country, I might as well indulge, right?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Double Fun

Well, it has been a while. I have to apologize for staying away like this. I was busy with the move to India and really I did not have any appetite for blogging (although I had appetite for something else less healthy).

Anyway, after gaining a few pounds, dressing up became a struggle. None of my clothes fit me except from blouses and tunics I always buy bigger. Paired with jeans, they became my to go to outfits.

However today I wanted to shake things up a bit. So here is how I changed my uniform into something more fun.

Scarf - old thing from Walmart
White blouse - Thrifted
Striped tunic - Thrifted
Leggings - Uniqlo
Shoes - Thrifted
Accessories - gifted

Funny how these shoes fit me better now

I revamped this simple silver bracelet by adding a "Love" charm
I know some girls who wear two dresses but I have never seen people go for double tunic or blouses until I saw the new collection of  Indian designer Aneeth Arora . I am not sure that the dress below is actually two dresses but I wanted to recreate the look with what I had, hence the two blouses or tunics.

Pero 2012 by Aneeth Arora

 It is kind of fun and since the white blouse is very light, I am not suffering under this heat. Yes, it maybe Spring for you but here we are right in Summer with temperatures as high as 32. But I cannot complain though, I like it hot (lol)

Namaskar Pune !

Hi y'all! Sorry for disappearing on you after dropping the bomb that I was leaving Japan for an undisclosed location. Those of you who read me fervently, you must have been disappointed that I did not post for a while. I wanted to keep the suspense for sure but in reality I was just too busy to be blogging.

But I am thinking that three months hiatus is enough. So here is the news: I am now living in a small city called Pune in India. Yes, India! The land of succulent food, extravagant weddings, and beautiful garments. Yes, India the land of Taj Mahal, of Bollywood and such. Yes, India the land where behind every super mall is a slum.

I have always dreamed of visiting India. If you had read this blog more than once you know that I love everything Bollywood, and that I lust Indian food. You know that I surrounded myself with Indian women while living in Japan and they did not help contain my love for the country. So Imagine my surprise when my hubby told me that it could be our next location. Truth be told, I was not thrilled at first, because I heard and watched enough things about India to keep me skeptical about the kind of life my family would have there. But then, I changed my mind because after all it was a life long dream to go there. Obviously there is a difference between visiting and living but my husband and I took our chances and packed all our belongings and left Japan.

We have been here for almost 3 months and let me tell you that it feels like a year because so many things happened. We live in a small city called Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Pune seems small compared to big hubs like Mumbai or Delhi. In reality it is a huge metropole, always busy even after hours. We are just starting to discover the city and there are many things that we enjoy around here. However life in Pune is a struggle particularly when one is used to things going smoothly and fast after years living in Japan. One has to be extremely patient here. There were times I could have exploded of pure anger and frustration (like when the cable guy could not install the cable in our apartment after days of him promising to come install it and he never showed) but I just decided to be zen. I tell myself that things could be worse particularly when I see kids younger than mine begging for food on the streets. I decided to enjoy the best Pune and India has to offer, and ignore the worse, or at least do not get myself be controlled by it.

Needless to say that this blog will take a new direction as I rant about all the things I do/ do not enjoy or find crazy in this city. But I will still talk fashion. Believe me when I say that everyday I am blown away at what women wear here. It is so whimsical and colorful. I will try to snatch pictures so you can enjoy the beauty of the fabrics and clothes as much as I do here.

Please follow me in this new journey...Challo (let's go)

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