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Namaskar Pune !

Hi y'all! Sorry for disappearing on you after dropping the bomb that I was leaving Japan for an undisclosed location. Those of you who read me fervently, you must have been disappointed that I did not post for a while. I wanted to keep the suspense for sure but in reality I was just too busy to be blogging.

But I am thinking that three months hiatus is enough. So here is the news: I am now living in a small city called Pune in India. Yes, India! The land of succulent food, extravagant weddings, and beautiful garments. Yes, India the land of Taj Mahal, of Bollywood and such. Yes, India the land where behind every super mall is a slum.

I have always dreamed of visiting India. If you had read this blog more than once you know that I love everything Bollywood, and that I lust Indian food. You know that I surrounded myself with Indian women while living in Japan and they did not help contain my love for the country. So Imagine my surprise when my hubby told me that it could be our next location. Truth be told, I was not thrilled at first, because I heard and watched enough things about India to keep me skeptical about the kind of life my family would have there. But then, I changed my mind because after all it was a life long dream to go there. Obviously there is a difference between visiting and living but my husband and I took our chances and packed all our belongings and left Japan.

We have been here for almost 3 months and let me tell you that it feels like a year because so many things happened. We live in a small city called Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Pune seems small compared to big hubs like Mumbai or Delhi. In reality it is a huge metropole, always busy even after hours. We are just starting to discover the city and there are many things that we enjoy around here. However life in Pune is a struggle particularly when one is used to things going smoothly and fast after years living in Japan. One has to be extremely patient here. There were times I could have exploded of pure anger and frustration (like when the cable guy could not install the cable in our apartment after days of him promising to come install it and he never showed) but I just decided to be zen. I tell myself that things could be worse particularly when I see kids younger than mine begging for food on the streets. I decided to enjoy the best Pune and India has to offer, and ignore the worse, or at least do not get myself be controlled by it.

Needless to say that this blog will take a new direction as I rant about all the things I do/ do not enjoy or find crazy in this city. But I will still talk fashion. Believe me when I say that everyday I am blown away at what women wear here. It is so whimsical and colorful. I will try to snatch pictures so you can enjoy the beauty of the fabrics and clothes as much as I do here.

Please follow me in this new journey...Challo (let's go)


Anonymous said…
Well Sempai I miss you and don't get to talk to you so I guess I am connecting with you through your blogs. I enjoy reading you even if I'd rather have a dialogue. Gros bisous a tes princes et bien des choses a DaiSempai

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