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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The ice queen has melted

It is hot. Melting hot. Too bad my body fat cannot really melt in this weather. But I can' t complain much. In the flat, the AC is working fine and we have a great breeze in the mornings. My main fear under this heat is to die of heat stroke. It is fine when you are indoors but outside the UV rays are unforgiving. Without a hat and sunglasses you are most likely to suffer. Not drinking enough water is also very bad. I am trying to remedy but once a week I do suffer from migraines.
Anyway today was another plain boring day with nothing much to do and here is what I wore:


Scarf - Langkawi night market
Shirt - G.U.
Pants - H&M
Shoes-  Thrifted
Bag - purchased somewhere in Harajuku
Necklace and pendant - random jewelry supply store in Landmark tower

Although I love these pants (and they still fit) I rarely wore them anymore. Last time was during moving day. Big mistake; everything was so dusty in the flat that at the end of the day I looked like a homeless. Plus with my youngest who still wants to be held, I end up having muddy or dusty shoe prints all over my pants. Nevertheless the color always makes me happy.

Notice my nails. Yep I have some kind of manicure on. Really it is called Henna, a natural die that women in India but also other parts of the world like my country apply on their hands. In India they usually apply it during Mehendi ceremonies before a wedding. An artist using a cone draws intricate patterns on the hands, and after they dry, they stay on for more than two weeks. But in Senegal we apply it on our nails without much patterns.
I love Mehendi but never get it done because it takes time for it to dry. Plus once it stains something it rarely comes off. Yet, last week after being bored out of my mind, I tried it on with a cone I bought during my last trip to Houston, at an Indian grocery stores of all places. The Henna was so dark that it stained my nails in less than an hour. The color is still very noticeable and it will stay that way for weeks until my nails grow out. Next time I will try to get the real Mehendi and show off. Since it is one of the main reasons I came to this country, I might as well indulge, right?

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