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Spoiler Alert

Last week, I took the Friday off to go out with the kids who were on school leave. I originally planed to go visit Goree Island again but by the time I was ready, it was too late to go and enjoy a full day. So instead I took the kids to see the last Marvel movie Avengers Endgame.

I have to confess that I am huge fan of Marvel movies. I think I watched every X-men and every Avenger Movies, in theatres and out. I used to read some of the X-men comics when I was a kid also.  Funnily, I am not into any other fantasy movies like Harry Potter, Twilight or Games of Throne. I actually will skip a new series on TV or Netflix that deals with fantasy. But Marvel got my heart. Maybe it is because they cast Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man. Or maybe because I always wanted to have a super power. I am not sure. Whatever the case, I am glad that Avengers is over because they took enough of my money between the movies, and the toys I had to buy my kids.

Anyway, before going to the movies, I took the …

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everybody!

I usually do not blog more than twice in a month but I had to show you my Easter dress.

Scarf - Thrifted Dress - Thrifted (M&S) Bag - borrowed Shoes - Locally made
For Easter, we usually spend the day at my catholic cousin's house. And I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. I thrifted this dress back in January at the Wednesday market. In my city, there is a market that is going around every day, from areas to areas,  On Saturdays, it is near my house. And on Wednesdays, it is near the university. Most of the time, you find the same vendors. But for some reasons, I find more deals at the Wednesday market. There is this stall there, that sells clothes from Korea. Most of the dresses are in small sizes but from time to time you can find plus size clothing. Last January, I found this barely worn M&S dress in a beautiful pink color. I bought it for 1500 XOF or less than 3$. I actually forgot about it after I washed and ironed it. It was only when I was rearr…

Creole Remix


It has been a while. I am not even sure as to why since I have not been that busy with work or life. This year is quickly passing by. I can hardly remember what I did in January but it must have been easy breezy. February was hard due to illness in my family. And March was my Happy month because friends and family welcomed four baby girls. I was so psyched.

We are in April now, and Easter is approaching (this week end). Catholic families will start preparing this millet porridge with peanut butter sauce called Ngalakh that they will give to their Muslim friends. My Mother has already received hers from two neighbors last week; And I spend the entire weekend eating the velvety sweet and rich porridge. If you know me, you know I love peanut butter. My favorite chocolate is Reeses. If I was not afraid of dying of diabetes or my skin breaking out, I would eat tons of Ngalakh and Reeses.

Anyway, here is today's look. Nothing new here, just me remixing my second go- to- uniform o…

Feeling blue

Hello dear readers! How are you doing?

I am actually mad because Winter this year has not really been cold. I have not worn half of the sweaters I bought last year. And do not even get me started on the winter gear I bought this year like the red turtle neck bodysuit I can never manage to wear. The cold season is never that cold in Dakar anyway but we used to have tempĂ©ratures that were low enough for me to wear a leather jacket. All this season brought was heavy dust that make breathing a Herculian task.

Still, I did manage to make the most out of this season by wearing my jackets and blazers. I also did wear two new coats on different occasions. Since I do not go out much, I usually wear all my clothes at work. Lately I have been favoring maxi open cardigans over coats and jackets. I always pair them with a light blouse and pants. But for today's look I went for my navy pencil skirt.

Scarf - Thrifted, Saturday Market Cardigan - Uno Top - Uniqlo Pencil skirt - old, used to belon…

Party Fools

Hello faithful readers!

I recently made the mistake of organizing yet another diner with my colleagues. I ended up having a great time but I was irritated at the beginning mainly because of my friends' behavior. It was not the first time I organised a diner. The first time was fun but was such a hassle to do that I had decided then and there that I would never do it again. But for some reasons I forgot.

You see, I love organizing, coordinating. I always kid that I would love to be a wedding planner because planning gives me so much joy. But try organizing a simple dinner for a bunch of highly opinionated, strong headed women. The diner I organized made me realize that there are several types of annoying people at parties that I would love to avoid.  And here there are:

Wrap around shirt - Gift Wide leg high waisted pants - Numero Uno Sandals - HLM market Necklace - Gift
The cheap one will always complain about how everything is expensive even though I already told her the price before ha…

Private sale (or supporting local businesses)

Hi Y'all!

Can you believe we are almost at the end of January? I can't! This month went by so fast for me.

Last December, I attended a fashion show/ private sale from a local brand I like: Zadada.
Zadada is owned by the older sister of one of my friend. I started patronizing her last year around this time because I like her designs. She uses African fabric mixed with others to make very beautiful dresses and bubus that are very feminine yet comfortable.

The event was organised in a local restaurant in collaboration with another designer that makes accessories with woven fabrics. I arrived just before the fashion show started. I watched with sparkly eyes because everything was so beautiful and oh so my style. Zadada collection was inspired by Senegalese women of Nder who were known to have honor and be extremely courageous. Every piece that came down the runway was a mix of African prints, eyelet fabric, even a special kind of fabric that is from my Mother's ethnic group, w…

A visit to the Musee des Civilisations Noires

Hello! Hello!

Happy New Year 2019! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and your friends during the last days of 2018. I had a wonderful time with my entire family, but also attending weddings and parties with my colleagues and other friends.

But today, I will tell you all about the best day I had in 2019 so far. During the Winter break, I had decided to take my boys to  the new Museum that opened in December. It is called Museum of Black Civilizations. And I was very eager to check it out. I had called in advance to check the dates and the entrance fees. Turns out, the entrance is free all the month of January.

On January 3rd, I dragged the kids along. The Museum is located in downtown Dakar. It is right opposite the "Grand ThĂ©atre", near the soon to be open TER train final stop. We arrived there just before midday. The museum is big, and round in shape. It is very spacious inside, with big columns and high ceilings. The main colors are beige and brown. The exh…