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School Run (not your average!)

Hello Everyone! Summer was creeping a few days ago but I think that it is officially here since yesterday. You know it is Summer in Pune, when you turn on your A.C. and cannot bear to stay outside. I always said that I prefer Summer to Winter but truth be told, it can be challenging to find something to wear under this heat. Particularly for someone who mainly goes out for school runs. 
When it comes to school runs in Pune, people wear different things. If you are a working mother you are usually wearing your work attire which can be very formal or casual (depending on where you work). When you are a housewife like me it is mostly jeans or leggings (the latest craze), some kind of top (tunic, blouse or shirt), wedges or flats sandals an a designer handbag (at least at my kids school). Sometimes you even see some mothers in gym clothes or P.J. School runs have became major in some countries because what you wear to drop off or pick up your kids is basically a calling card for the kind…

Neon Popping

Hello there! Can you believe that it is already February? 
During the last week of January, I had an occasion to eat lunch with a group of expats ( our husbands all work in the same company). Usually, depending on the location, the wives of expats from my husband's company form a group and meet up (I used to run the one in Japan). But in Pune, we are not official yet (as in we do not have a budget for our meetings). Nevertheless we decided to get together twice a month to catch up. For this lunch, I wanted to dress up yet I needed to stay comfy because I had to run back to school in time for picking up my kids.   Anyway here is what I wore:

Scarf -  stolen from my Mother
Dress altered into a Tunic - H&M (altered by neighborhood tailor)
Tie Dye Jeans - Loot Bazaar
Shoes -  Sole to Soul
Bag -  Nice Claup

I had this dress since December 2012 and only wore it this December. When I bought it it fit me perfectly but after coming to India it became too tight. If I did not have th…