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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rust Lust

According to the calendar, Fall is supposed to have arrived. Yet we are still basking in hot days, and the mosquitoes are still ferociously biting. From time to time, there will be light crisp cold air that pushes you to reach for a sweater, a jacket, and some mufflers. As far as I am concerned, dressing up is a puzzle. I have not even opened my winter clothes suitcase. I am surviving only with light sweaters I purchased on sale at Forever 21 back in September. I am longing for days cold enough to make me layer, and pull out my cold days accessories (aka knitted hats and scarves). I am longing for the leaves to turn red, gold, brown and fall on the pavements. I am longing for vegetables soups or nabes to be slurped and warm my insides. Yet, I am happy that it is still warm enough....
I went to Hakkejima Sea Paradise with the family on Sunday. It was supposed to be a warm and nice day so we decided to spend it outdoors. I made quiche, salad and sandwiches and we headed to that nice island. We ate upon arrival and took a walk around the island. Then we let the kids ride the numerous attractions at the amusement park. For some of them I had to go with my youngest so I got to enjoy the rides as well. By the end of the day I was exhausted but the kids wanted to ride some more. For them, the fun never ends. This morning, they woke me up talking about going to another amusement park.

The quiche I "successfully" made for the 1st time
Anyway here is what I wore:

Felt hat - G.U.
Rust sweater - Forever 21
Blouse - G.U.
Scarf - H&M
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Random shoe store in Ishikawacho
Bag - Daiso
Ring - H&M

I do not know if it is because of Fall or for other hidden reasons, but I am attracted to all things rust, brown, gold and mustard lately. I crave them to the point that when I see sweaters, pants or accessories in that color, I do not even think twice. Although I know that I do not have enough blue and green in my closet, I still reach for rusty things at the shops. I hope this craze will disappear soon enough though before my entire closet turns into Fall colors. What about you? Any color(s) you crave lately?

No need of Instagram to get that old feel
H&M ring..comes with another one in brown
In front of the free fall attraction in blue
The shoes..comfiest loafers ever

Can you spot it? Mount Fuji at sunset
With the Power puff girls or whatever (I hate cartoon network shows..prefer Disney)

The kids having fun...they are supposed to bump other cars but in Japan people avoid each other...so cute!

At the merry go round

Thursday, October 25, 2012

At the Zoo

My kids are out of school for a week so I planned a series of things to entertain them:  trip to Hakkeijima (post coming as soon as I can upload the pics I took), two playdates and a trip to the zoo. My sister (from another family) in law invited me to go to Ueno zoo with the kids (she has two adorable daughters). I accepted since I have never been to that zoo. It is popular for hosting the pandas that the Chinese government was nice enough to "lend" to Japan.
After travelling an hour by train, there I was at the zoo with the kids. The zoo is big enough and has plenty of places to eat and rest. But let us just say that it was not worth the trip to see the animals. I could see better at Nogeyama zoo or Zoorasia here in Yokohama. Plus we were there around noon so all the animals were having a little nap and did not want to show their faces (the lazy things). Nevertheless, I had lots of fun with the kids and chit-chatting with my friend.
Here is what I wore:

Sorry pics taken with my tablet- no full length shot
Beret - random store at Cial Yokohama (no longer exists)
Cardigan - Nissen online
Shirt - H&M Men
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Shimamura

When Fall comes, I always dress the same way (because I do not know what else to wear): button down shirts, cardigans (or sweaters) and pants.  This year, since I added some blouses to my closet, I alternate between shirts and them. Dressing up becomes easier and fun. Today I added my brand new Oxford shoes to the mix. I have been craving Oxfords for a while and finally gave in and bought some three weeks ago at Shimamura. I saw a glittered pair that I wanted to give a try but finally I settled for the brown. I love to call myself a fashionista but I realize that when it comes to taste, I am a bit conventional and on the safe side. Let us be real: the brown ones will be trendy for years, when the glittered ones will last only one season or two.

Lazy Lili (male) showing us his butt while taking a nap
After an exhausting day at the zoo, I decided to walk to Ameyoko which is a "market" in Ueno filled with shops selling fish, vegetables but also clothings and accessories for a ridiculous price. I have heard about this place for such a long time that when I saw its sign at the Ueno station, I did not think twice. However my walk was a bit disappointing. Maybe because I was already exhausted, or maybe my kids were cranky but I did not see anything that was worth the trip. I went home after five minutes there. I am happy I did not come all the way only for that.

Ameyoko Entrance

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Yokohama I love (in pictures) Part I

I have already wrote this post at the beginning of this week but I was in such haste that instead of publishing it, I just deleted it. Anyway, here are some pictures of the places I love in Yokohama

Motomachi shopping street with fancy cars and pet bar (aka somewhere dogs can drink)
Mickey and Minnie Display at Jewelry store in Motomachi shopping street

Indian designed ceiling in dome at Yamashita park

Flowers at ....

...Yamashita park near the...


Marine Tower

Lovely display at Bar entrance in Yamashitacho

Bear cake at Diamond Yokohama

Plate of pizza and baked potatoes at Shakey's Yokohama

Chinatown entrance gate
Isezaki Mall entrance

Used Kimono stores (where I love to purchase clutch bags) in Isezaki Mall

..and the Daiso and Uniqlo store next to it

Donuts Shop in Kannai

Plate of Aburi cheese salmon sushi at Kura Zushi in Isogo

Hydrangea from my neighbor's garden

View of Minato Mirai from Aka Renga Sokou (red brick warehouse)

Aka Renga Sokou
Grey and pink sky from the hill leading to my flat
There are so many other places that do not appear in the pictures like Osanbashi pier, World Potters, Vivre Yokohama, Rinko Park, the alley near Leaf building, Baytown Honmoku, Negishi park, the log house at Kashiwaba park, Sankeien park, Motomachi park....You cannot imagine the millions things such a small city can offer. And with festivals, concerts, flea markets happening all the time, the city is really a buzzing hub where you are never bored.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi Y'all!
 I am inspired to blog again even though my camera is broken. I am using the one from my pad and my husband's until a good one falls on my lap.
  In the meantime, I want to tell you about an interesting thing that happened to me today. Yesterday I heard from a friend of mine that H&M was having great sales with prices starting from 100Y. So today I decided to check it out. I found some interesting pieces almost all from Summer but I was not inspired to purchase anything because it was all sheer and neon pink or something else. That was until I found two pair of cropped pants in pastel peach and coral. I checked the price tags and the peach one was 300Y and the coral one 700Y. I take both pants in my size and try them on. They fit perfectly for they are not too tight. Excited, I proceed to pay but before the lady at the counter starts, I open my mouth to ask her why there was a difference in price since it was the same product. She said that she was going to ask the manager about it. I wait, expecting the coral pants price to drop to 300Y which would have been such a great deal. Alas, she is back with bad news: telling me that the pants were not supposed to be on the sale racks as they are new items. She apologized for the mistake and ask me if I still want to purchase the pants. At that point I was so disappointed  but I feigned to ask the real price that I did not even registered before declining. I left the shop mad. Mad at the sales people for not doing their job, mad a myself for trying to be smart and opening my mouth. I condole myself by thinking that while she checked the pants, the real price would have appeared anyway as they are not sale items. Yet, something was still nagging me. I was having such a good day so far and that trip to H&M completely ruined my mood. I went later on to McDonald for some well deserved binge eating and ended up in G.U. where I bought turtle necks on sale. After all the day was not a total waste.
Have you ever had anything like that happened to you?
Anyway, here is what I wore:

Scarf - Night market in Langkawi, Malaysia
Cardigan - Walmart
Shirt - Thrifted
Pants - H&M
Shoes - random shoe store in Ishikawacho

Wearing these pants took great courage as they are bright red. They are also a bit tight but I am hoping that with more wears they will loosen up. I had the idea to wear them this way after several hours spent on Pinterest. I swear, I do not know how I dressed before Pinterest. It is so easy to get inspired (or steal a style) while browsing the site. Do you spend hours there like I do? If so, check me out at Odetofash.  I promised you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have not been blogging as much as I used to. It is not because I do not want to. But for starters, my camera fell and finally died on me. I was trying to take some pictures while I was on a bridge in Yokohama. I put it on the rail of the bridge and took a picture using the timer. But when I went to retrieve the camera, my clumsy hands just push it and it fell two stories down. I knew that it would happen with my luck. I did find it in one piece and I could turn it on. But the shutter button was pushed further inside the camera as it impacted the ground and I cannot push it to take pics. My pics were still intact though and here they are for your pleasure.
What I am wearing:

Scarf / Sunnies - Daiso 100 yen store
Tee - Homes
Dress - order made from home
Shoes - Forever 21
Bag - Thrifted

I had this dress made before I went home for Summer. I wanted something in blue tie dye for a while. And I asked for my Dad to look for the material and have his tailor make me a maxi dress. The material is a tie dye that a tribe from the South of Senegal wears. I was thrilled to see the dress but it was too tight around my breast. I went to see the tailor and he altered it. I particularly like the fluidity of the dress although the material is a bit stiff. But the biggest problem is that it bleeds. After wearing it with my white tee, it turned a bit blue and the bag I was holding that day also suffered from the dress. I can see many wear out of it but I will have to be extremely careful around white stuff.

The day of the pics was wonderful. It was one of the last days of Summer, not too hot, not too cold with such a blue sky. I went in town to buy a bday gift, but ended up enjoying a stroll in Jack's mall one last before it closed its doors for a renovation. Jack's mall is really small compared to other malls in Yokohama but it had all the essentials: a home goods store, a 100 yen store, Toys R us, Sports related stores, clothing stores, restaurants and fast food chains, and even a small amusement park for the kids. I liked going down there with the kids or by myself. And I am a bit saddened that the place is closed now. I can only rejoice with the fact that they are going to build something bigger and maybe better...

The Yokohama I love (in pictures) Part II

Here is part II of the pictures of places I love in Yokohama

The gate at a...

...famous wedding venue in Yokohama

A glimpse inside the wedding venue (the place is so famous that it is often used as a location for movies and dramas)
A couple exchanging vows next to the Yokohama Art Museum
Acrobats/Entertainers at Jack's mall (can find many other performing on week ends at Yamashita park as well and all for free or almost)

Some random wild flowers next to the wedding venue

My kids trying out the Nisson GTR at Nissan Showroom
Night view of Bay Quarter
It is hard not to fall in love with Yokohama. The place is beautifully spacious with old buildings and parks. The atmosphere is serene with the sea at proximity. Sometimes, you do not feel like you are in Japan when you take a walk in certain places. And I like the fact that as an International city, it hots many festivals that would allow us to learn about other cultures. October is actually the month to be in Yokohama with International food festivals, Indian Diwali festival and October Fest happening all around Yamashita park and Aka Renga Sokou. Children can really thrive in a town like Yokohama with several museums, parks, amusement parks and such. There is never a boring day in the city. It is such a blessing living here and more than once I wish I could just take some time to really admire everything that is surrounding me. If visiting Japan, I strongly recommend a day (or two) in Yokohama. You will not regret it.
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