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Rust Lust

According to the calendar, Fall is supposed to have arrived. Yet we are still basking in hot days, and the mosquitoes are still ferociously biting. From time to time, there will be light crisp cold air that pushes you to reach for a sweater, a jacket, and some mufflers. As far as I am concerned, dressing up is a puzzle. I have not even opened my winter clothes suitcase. I am surviving only with light sweaters I purchased on sale at Forever 21 back in September. I am longing for days cold enough to make me layer, and pull out my cold days accessories (aka knitted hats and scarves). I am longing for the leaves to turn red, gold, brown and fall on the pavements. I am longing for vegetables soups or nabes to be slurped and warm my insides. Yet, I am happy that it is still warm enough....
I went to Hakkejima Sea Paradise with the family on Sunday. It was supposed to be a warm and nice day so we decided to spend it outdoors. I made quiche, salad and sandwiches and we headed to that nice island. We ate upon arrival and took a walk around the island. Then we let the kids ride the numerous attractions at the amusement park. For some of them I had to go with my youngest so I got to enjoy the rides as well. By the end of the day I was exhausted but the kids wanted to ride some more. For them, the fun never ends. This morning, they woke me up talking about going to another amusement park.

The quiche I "successfully" made for the 1st time
Anyway here is what I wore:

Felt hat - G.U.
Rust sweater - Forever 21
Blouse - G.U.
Scarf - H&M
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Random shoe store in Ishikawacho
Bag - Daiso
Ring - H&M

I do not know if it is because of Fall or for other hidden reasons, but I am attracted to all things rust, brown, gold and mustard lately. I crave them to the point that when I see sweaters, pants or accessories in that color, I do not even think twice. Although I know that I do not have enough blue and green in my closet, I still reach for rusty things at the shops. I hope this craze will disappear soon enough though before my entire closet turns into Fall colors. What about you? Any color(s) you crave lately?

No need of Instagram to get that old feel
H&M ring..comes with another one in brown
In front of the free fall attraction in blue
The shoes..comfiest loafers ever

Can you spot it? Mount Fuji at sunset
With the Power puff girls or whatever (I hate cartoon network shows..prefer Disney)

The kids having fun...they are supposed to bump other cars but in Japan people avoid each cute!

At the merry go round


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