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At the Zoo

My kids are out of school for a week so I planned a series of things to entertain them:  trip to Hakkeijima (post coming as soon as I can upload the pics I took), two playdates and a trip to the zoo. My sister (from another family) in law invited me to go to Ueno zoo with the kids (she has two adorable daughters). I accepted since I have never been to that zoo. It is popular for hosting the pandas that the Chinese government was nice enough to "lend" to Japan.
After travelling an hour by train, there I was at the zoo with the kids. The zoo is big enough and has plenty of places to eat and rest. But let us just say that it was not worth the trip to see the animals. I could see better at Nogeyama zoo or Zoorasia here in Yokohama. Plus we were there around noon so all the animals were having a little nap and did not want to show their faces (the lazy things). Nevertheless, I had lots of fun with the kids and chit-chatting with my friend.
Here is what I wore:

Sorry pics taken with my tablet- no full length shot
Beret - random store at Cial Yokohama (no longer exists)
Cardigan - Nissen online
Shirt - H&M Men
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Shimamura

When Fall comes, I always dress the same way (because I do not know what else to wear): button down shirts, cardigans (or sweaters) and pants.  This year, since I added some blouses to my closet, I alternate between shirts and them. Dressing up becomes easier and fun. Today I added my brand new Oxford shoes to the mix. I have been craving Oxfords for a while and finally gave in and bought some three weeks ago at Shimamura. I saw a glittered pair that I wanted to give a try but finally I settled for the brown. I love to call myself a fashionista but I realize that when it comes to taste, I am a bit conventional and on the safe side. Let us be real: the brown ones will be trendy for years, when the glittered ones will last only one season or two.

Lazy Lili (male) showing us his butt while taking a nap
After an exhausting day at the zoo, I decided to walk to Ameyoko which is a "market" in Ueno filled with shops selling fish, vegetables but also clothings and accessories for a ridiculous price. I have heard about this place for such a long time that when I saw its sign at the Ueno station, I did not think twice. However my walk was a bit disappointing. Maybe because I was already exhausted, or maybe my kids were cranky but I did not see anything that was worth the trip. I went home after five minutes there. I am happy I did not come all the way only for that.

Ameyoko Entrance


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