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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Yokohama I love (in pictures) Part I

I have already wrote this post at the beginning of this week but I was in such haste that instead of publishing it, I just deleted it. Anyway, here are some pictures of the places I love in Yokohama

Motomachi shopping street with fancy cars and pet bar (aka somewhere dogs can drink)
Mickey and Minnie Display at Jewelry store in Motomachi shopping street

Indian designed ceiling in dome at Yamashita park

Flowers at ....

...Yamashita park near the...


Marine Tower

Lovely display at Bar entrance in Yamashitacho

Bear cake at Diamond Yokohama

Plate of pizza and baked potatoes at Shakey's Yokohama

Chinatown entrance gate
Isezaki Mall entrance

Used Kimono stores (where I love to purchase clutch bags) in Isezaki Mall

..and the Daiso and Uniqlo store next to it

Donuts Shop in Kannai

Plate of Aburi cheese salmon sushi at Kura Zushi in Isogo

Hydrangea from my neighbor's garden

View of Minato Mirai from Aka Renga Sokou (red brick warehouse)

Aka Renga Sokou
Grey and pink sky from the hill leading to my flat
There are so many other places that do not appear in the pictures like Osanbashi pier, World Potters, Vivre Yokohama, Rinko Park, the alley near Leaf building, Baytown Honmoku, Negishi park, the log house at Kashiwaba park, Sankeien park, Motomachi park....You cannot imagine the millions things such a small city can offer. And with festivals, concerts, flea markets happening all the time, the city is really a buzzing hub where you are never bored.

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