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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Yokohama I love (in pictures) Part II

Here is part II of the pictures of places I love in Yokohama

The gate at a...

...famous wedding venue in Yokohama

A glimpse inside the wedding venue (the place is so famous that it is often used as a location for movies and dramas)
A couple exchanging vows next to the Yokohama Art Museum
Acrobats/Entertainers at Jack's mall (can find many other performing on week ends at Yamashita park as well and all for free or almost)

Some random wild flowers next to the wedding venue

My kids trying out the Nisson GTR at Nissan Showroom
Night view of Bay Quarter
It is hard not to fall in love with Yokohama. The place is beautifully spacious with old buildings and parks. The atmosphere is serene with the sea at proximity. Sometimes, you do not feel like you are in Japan when you take a walk in certain places. And I like the fact that as an International city, it hots many festivals that would allow us to learn about other cultures. October is actually the month to be in Yokohama with International food festivals, Indian Diwali festival and October Fest happening all around Yamashita park and Aka Renga Sokou. Children can really thrive in a town like Yokohama with several museums, parks, amusement parks and such. There is never a boring day in the city. It is such a blessing living here and more than once I wish I could just take some time to really admire everything that is surrounding me. If visiting Japan, I strongly recommend a day (or two) in Yokohama. You will not regret it.

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