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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi Y'all!
 I am inspired to blog again even though my camera is broken. I am using the one from my pad and my husband's until a good one falls on my lap.
  In the meantime, I want to tell you about an interesting thing that happened to me today. Yesterday I heard from a friend of mine that H&M was having great sales with prices starting from 100Y. So today I decided to check it out. I found some interesting pieces almost all from Summer but I was not inspired to purchase anything because it was all sheer and neon pink or something else. That was until I found two pair of cropped pants in pastel peach and coral. I checked the price tags and the peach one was 300Y and the coral one 700Y. I take both pants in my size and try them on. They fit perfectly for they are not too tight. Excited, I proceed to pay but before the lady at the counter starts, I open my mouth to ask her why there was a difference in price since it was the same product. She said that she was going to ask the manager about it. I wait, expecting the coral pants price to drop to 300Y which would have been such a great deal. Alas, she is back with bad news: telling me that the pants were not supposed to be on the sale racks as they are new items. She apologized for the mistake and ask me if I still want to purchase the pants. At that point I was so disappointed  but I feigned to ask the real price that I did not even registered before declining. I left the shop mad. Mad at the sales people for not doing their job, mad a myself for trying to be smart and opening my mouth. I condole myself by thinking that while she checked the pants, the real price would have appeared anyway as they are not sale items. Yet, something was still nagging me. I was having such a good day so far and that trip to H&M completely ruined my mood. I went later on to McDonald for some well deserved binge eating and ended up in G.U. where I bought turtle necks on sale. After all the day was not a total waste.
Have you ever had anything like that happened to you?
Anyway, here is what I wore:

Scarf - Night market in Langkawi, Malaysia
Cardigan - Walmart
Shirt - Thrifted
Pants - H&M
Shoes - random shoe store in Ishikawacho

Wearing these pants took great courage as they are bright red. They are also a bit tight but I am hoping that with more wears they will loosen up. I had the idea to wear them this way after several hours spent on Pinterest. I swear, I do not know how I dressed before Pinterest. It is so easy to get inspired (or steal a style) while browsing the site. Do you spend hours there like I do? If so, check me out at Odetofash.  I promised you won't be disappointed.

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