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Ladies who lunch with style!

Today I had lunch with the spouse group of my husband's company. The group meets very often to do various activities all paid by the company. Ain't it wonderful?
Anyway, since it was going to be a good day, I decided to dress up a little. Well, I did not dress fancy, but a bit less casual than I usually do. I call this look Ladies who lunch with style.

Here is what I wore:

Printed scarf (gift from 10 years ago)
Suede jacket (bought in Japan years ago)
New york company shirt (Ross)
Hanes long tee (Walmart)
Green cargo pants (Shimamura)
Mia Brown suede boots (bought in Australia 6 years ago)
Colorful necklace (Joa )

The lunch was nice. And once again I ate a lot. I like having women around. We are all from different places and it is always a learning experience when we meet. I cannot wait for the next activity.

I love these cargo pants. They are wide enough and they have a belt.

I had this jacket for years but I never once worn it in Houston. I am happy that I found it sleeping…