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Culotté (Social Media Etiquette)


Today's post will be a lengthy rant about the lack of etiquette in using social media. (You have been warned)

I am a fan of social media. Each of the ones I use serves a different purpose. I go on Facebook to connect with my friends who are scattered all over the world. Whatsapp also serves the same purpose except that it is reserved for those friends that I have a closer connection with. I use Instagram and Blogger to share my passion for fashion. I also use it to travel without ever living my house. I also use Pinterest for fashion and styling tips. And finally I go on Twitter to relieve my stress and laugh out loud. I am very present on social media. I like to engage in discussions, drool on styles and troll my friends. But what I hate the most is when someone in my circle sends me a porn video or some other sensitive thing.

Recently, a male friend of mine sent me a porn video. We were chatting on Whatsapp and he asked me what I was doing. I answered that I was looking fo…

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak dear readers!

Yesterday, most Muslims around the world got to celebrate Eid el Fitr which marks the end of a month long fasting event called Ramadan. Some celebrated the day before.

In Senegal, it was decided that it would be Friday. As usual there is a lot happening to prepare for the event. First of all, we need to do grocery shopping to get all essentials to prepare a feast fit for kings and queens. For some reasons, we always eat barbecue meat or chicken on Eid. My christian cousins from my Mother's side of the family come over to help out. We do more talking than cooking though. That is why we sometimes end up eating past 3 PM.

 The men go to attend the prayer at the Mosque by 9 AM, all decked in their best outfit: A type of Sherwani outfit made of a long tunic and pants either in Bazin or cotton fabric. Once they are back, we exchange wishes. Some neighbors also drop over on their way back from the Mosque to wish us a happy Eid. Often we serve them Lakh, a wheat …

When in doubt, wear a dress!

Hello faithful readers!
That is it! I think that this dress below is my favorite dress of all time. Ok! I am being dramatic over here. Let us just say that I have a new favorite dress until I find another that is better.
I went to The Gambia for early spring break recently and I indulged in a little bit of shopping. I originally wanted to buy a tie and die fabric in blue and white but I could not resist this one as well. So I got them both at the market for a very affordable price. 
Lucky for me, there is a tailor right across the streets from my grandparents' house where I was staying. I showed him some pictures from Pinterest and let him do his magic. And ta-da!

Velvet scarf - borrowed from my Mother Dress - custom made Shoes - Westside (India)

I wore it for the first time for a work event. It would have been wise to go with a "suit and tie" for it was a networking event I was hosting. But for some reasons, I do not feel very comfortable in pants blouse blazer combo. I…

A cocktail at the Novotel

Hello Hello!

A friend of mine invited me to accompany her to a cocktail party at the Novotel Hotel in Dakar. I have been to the Novotel only twice before for work since I moved back home. I enjoyed myself both times but I could not wait to see what more they had to offer. Truth be told, I sometimes forget about Novotel when it comes to Hôtels in Dakar, because it is a bit secluded. But Novotel has been an institution in Dakar for the longest of time. I remember going there as a kid to learn how to swim.

The cocktail was a marketing event to show the newly renovated areas of the hotel. My friend, two other coworkers and I, got to visit a single room upstairs. It was nice even if it was a tad small for my taste. The decor was also simple and colorful.

Seating area inside the room

The headboard of the bed we had to try.

The bathroom

The tiny toilet
The visit was fun because it was punctuated by a little game. The person who tended to my friends and I, showed us a bag and we each had to pick …

A night out featuring Tropical Print Palazzo Pants

Hello Hello!

Ever since I bought a palazzo pants on a whim two years ago I have been hooked, wearing it sometimes three times a week. I did purchase two after that one but they could never quite match it. My criteria for a good palazzo pants is that the legs have to be extra wide. I also do not want my bum to be showing. As a matter of fact, if the pants make my bum look flat, I am happy. Weird, right?

Anyway I have been craving Palazzo pants in tropical print for a while now and imagine my surprise when I saw it at Uno just hanging there waiting to be bought. For those of you who do not know, UNO is this big shop that offers clothes mainly from Zara, Kiabi, Mango, Pull&Bear and such. They have several locations in my hometown of Dakar and there is one 10 minutes by car from where I live. I have been there only twice but I always manage to score good deals on clothes and shoes (my addiction). Last time I went there I got the palazzo pants and a pair of yellow leather pumps for pe…

All by Myself (Out of my comfort zone)

I had a wonderful weekend a few weeks back. There were many events happening in the city and I wanted to attend them all. I actually did not manage to for I am just one person but I went to two that interested me the most. (and a birthday party)

One of them was a small food festival called Taste it Dakar at one of my favorite spot in Dakar (which is just a house with a beautiful garden that can be rented, Jardin Keur Mamie Charlotte). There were many people selling delicious food from the continent but also abroad. It was an occasion for me to eat Sushi and Banana plantains fritters. But what was unusual for me was that I went to the event ALONE. Truth be told I rarely go anywhere by myself, except for shopping (I prefer to shop alone). I always use my best friend, my children or my co-workers as a clutch. And if they are not available, I would just stay home.

Took a selfie in the cab 
However, recently I just realized how ridiculous that was. And I have decided that if I wanted to enj…