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Love Month

Hello everyone!

So, Valentine day came and went. I did not do anything special except shopping and having diner with my best friend. And it was fun enough for me.

I have to admit I am sucker for love and all romantic gestures. I would love to hate the idea of Valentine's day, but I can't for I love love. I have been sarcastic at work and on Twitter all day, pretending I did not care. But in reality, I would not have said no to receiving flowers or chocolate, a sweet card, even tacky jewelry...

That is why, even if I did not have a valentine this year, I still managed to dressed up for it.

And luckily I found someone at work who did dress up like me.

Coat - Uno Ponty
Dress - Sandaga market
Shoes - thrifted
Glasses - Optic Ponty
Watch - Gift
Ring - Sandaga Market
Earrings - Petersen Market

Meet Rebecca, my coworker, former runway model and the only other person who wore red at work and gave me Ferrero Rocher chocolate on V- day!!!
By the way, have you seen my new glasses?

Happy L…