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Peach Tropical Midi for the Theater

Hello everyone!

It is Summer in India and the temperatures are scorching. In our flat, the AC is constantly on. And I dread going out!  I cannot wait for the Monsoon to come and bring a fresh breeze and lower temperatures to Pune.

I have been busy attending my kids school theater week. It is the last week of school and children are performing. First I had to go and listen to my oldest sing, then it was time for each of them to perform a play with their classmates.  I watched the baby's play first which was a remake of the famous kids movie Madagascar. My youngest was playing Marty, the zebra. The play was very funny and entertaining. I did not expect it to be so but the kids age two to six put on a great show. And I have to give kudos to the teachers who organized the entire event.

For the show I wore this printed midi dress that I purchased in Thailand.  I got it with two other tunics at the same store that sold only Jersey dresses. The midi dresses came in several prints but I…

I quit!

I have been blogging for more than eight years now. I started blogging after the birth of my first son. It was a way to record all the trials and tribulations of my life as a new mother. Then a year later, I started a fashion blog because I was bored at work. I was writing about the things I liked or disliked about fashion in general, the latest trends, my fashion obsession of the moment and such. Four years later, I started another blog dedicated to my own personal style with pictures of my outfits. I do actually have several blogs but the ones that I am focusing on are my fashion blogs.

Recently, I have been thinking about quitting. After seven years of doing this, I should have been popular by now. Call me crazy, but I was expected many followers or at least several page views and comments. I was expecting endorsement and free stuff from fashion houses. I was expecting front row seats at fashion shows.

The truth is I do not have all that. I am not even sure how many people read me …

Game Face

Hello there!  How are you all doing?

I am fine but I am still baking under this heat. This week has been really hot in Pune,
up to 40 degrees. One day it got so hot it started raining. It was a short term blessing but I think all Puneites welcomed it.

I was invited for breakfast last Friday with some mothers from my kid's class. I know most of them since we meet everyday for pick up and drop offs, and we briefly talk during birthday parties and other gatherings but I am not close to any of them. Actually a mom who left India last year came back for Summer holidays and arranged the meet. I was surprised because even if she was always nice to me when we met at school, I would have never thought that she would remember me. Today I got to see another side of those mothers,  a side that I liked. And I hope we keep on having gatherings like these in the future.

Glasses -  Chathujak market, Bangkok Scarf -  Clover Center  Tunic -  Pratunam market, Bangkok Jeans -  Thrifted Shoes -  Fida…

DIY/DIM : Bandhani Kimono (Vest, Duster...)

Hello Friends from all over. I am checking my stats and I can see you reading me all the way to Russia so I want to say "Thank you" and keep on coming back. Also, Holla at me in the comment section or emails. I would love to interact and exchange ideas.

Anyway,  by now you know I have been having a love affair with Tie dye and today is yet another passionate encounter with this newly DIY/ DIM jacket,  kimono, shawl or duster...

Kimono - DIY/DIM Shirt - Thrifted Pants - Shimamura Gladiators - Gift Necklace - M.G. road 
I made it following this tutorial with left over fabric I had purchased at the Pink City in Jaipur ( God, please take me back there!). It was fairly easy but my sewing machine was acting up so it took a long time.  I am not hundred percent satisfied with the hemming. Furthermore, my fabric being super smooth, the kimono slips on the sleeves. I think I should have made the slits on the sleeves smaller. 

Anyway, I am happy with it because it is colorful and I can…