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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DIY/DIM : Bandhani Kimono (Vest, Duster...)

Hello Friends from all over. I am checking my stats and I can see you reading me all the way to Russia so I want to say "Thank you" and keep on coming back. Also, Holla at me in the comment section or emails. I would love to interact and exchange ideas.

Anyway,  by now you know I have been having a love affair with Tie dye and today is yet another passionate encounter with this newly DIY/ DIM jacket,  kimono, shawl or duster...

Kimono - DIY/DIM
Shirt - Thrifted
Pants - Shimamura
Gladiators - Gift
Necklace - M.G. road 

I made it following this tutorial with left over fabric I had purchased at the Pink City in Jaipur ( God, please take me back there!). It was fairly easy but my sewing machine was acting up so it took a long time.  I am not hundred percent satisfied with the hemming. Furthermore, my fabric being super smooth, the kimono slips on the sleeves. I think I should have made the slits on the sleeves smaller. 

Anyway, I am happy with it because it is colorful and I can wear it two ways: like a kimono and like a vest if I roll up the sleeves. I wore it for the first time last week to have breakfast with some Japanese girlfriends. I had originally planned to wear it either with a white maxi dresd or with a grey tee and cargo pants. But then I noticed the white maxi had stains and the grey tee felt too undressed. So I switched the tee with the white shirt. I thought that I would die with the heat but the shirt turned out to be very breathable even with the necklace. 

Styling options 

 It was good to brush up on my Japanese. And the ladies told me that they thought I was really Japanese. According to them, there is a zipper on my body and if they pull it down, a real Japanese person would appear.  I do not know if I should take it as a compliment or be offended but I laughed hard at the idea.

Anyway, I am planning to wear this kimono more often. So stay tuned for another post featuring it.

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