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My week

I had a crazy week. I decided to get involved in my son's school Xmas bazaar. I am taking care of a thrift shop. It has always been my dream to work in a thrift shop. So I thought that this would be a great occasion. The only mistake I made was that I underestimate the load of work I would have to do. People donated all kind of things to the school and I have to sort them out. And believe me when I say that it is a lot of stuff. Anyway, I have been spending my days at school just to be able to sort all the things. I was done on Friday but after the week end, I saw that they were new things that were added. So I am back to sorting things again. And the bazaar is a week away. I am already tired.
Anyway, on Thursday, it was a national holiday. I went to run some errands in Jack's Mall.
Here is what I wore:

White beret - Random shop in Cial
Faux leather bomber - Shimamura
Red tank top - Factory 2 u
Grey dress - Dots
Leggings - Uniqlo
Flats - Ross
Bag - bought in Seoul market

We t…