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Matchy matchy after all

Ramadan Mubarak!

Remember when I said that I was not really into the matchy matchy thing....Well I lied. I am a Senegalese after all, and Senegalese women do matchy matchy. You can take the Senegalese out of Senegal, but you cannot take Senegal out of her. Today, I am matching in pink and black. And I am following all Summer trends: kimono, neon, jelly shoes...

And what was the special occasion? Nothing much. Just wanted to get out of my jeans and tunic phunk for a while (although technically I am still wearing tunic and jeans but let us not get too anal about it!)

Kimono - thrifted (Tsukuba flea market)
Tunic - H&M
Pants - H&M

I am actually very happy to be able to fit back into my skinny pants after 6 months. Thanks to fasting for Ramadan, I may have lost some inches around the waist. I wish that I can keep up with losing weight. I plan on eating healthier and working out more once the Holy Month is over. Looking at old pictures of myself, I see that I was not that bad when …

Not matchy-matchy

After the crazy fun of Istanbul, I was at home in Senegal for a few days. I did not do much expect going to my in laws and parents house. Actually one of the reasons I was back home was to renew my passport. Although things are improving back home, it is still a hassle to renew a passport. Thankfully this time, it took me less than 4 days to get it. On the first day I had to buy a stamp from the tax office in my district. I decided to wear this:

Scarf - 100 yen store
Blouse - G.U.
Pants - H&M
Wedges - thrifted Don don down on Wednesday
Bag - random store in Ishikawacho.

Although I had the pants and the blouse for a while now, I never thought about pairing them. I think they quite complement each other. The color of the bag and the shoes offer a clean break from the monochrome of the outfit. It is funny because rare are the women who would wear orange shoes with a brown outfit and a wine bag back home. Senegalese women are all about matching colors. It is nice sometimes and I am gu…