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Monday, August 23, 2010

Revamping my shoes

Revamping my shoes: Corsage style

I was watching Japanese national TV: NHK the other day and came across a very interesting program: Kurashi no Patona ( The partner of the living). It is a weekly program during which some expert on sewing or knitting showcases how to make pretty things. That day, some lady was showing how to revamp shoes (or any other fashion accessories) by making corsages. She made it seem rather easy and quick. Her work was so beautiful, it inspired me to do the same.
However since I am on the lazy side, I decided that instead of making corsages from scratch, I would just buy them and stick them to my shoes.
And that is what I did today. I was going to the Daiso in Isezaki Mall (they call it a mall, but it is rather a Shotengai). I saw several cute corsages and bought like 5 of them. I wanted more but had to limit myself. How many corsages a girl really need? Not that many!

My corsages (each a 105Y or $1.30) Two Japanese design, two polka dots and one marine style)

I attached the Blue Polka dots corsages to my rubber shoes and voila:



Pretty, isn't it?

I saw the Japanese style corsage (in white and red) at first but for some reason, I just took one, thinking they would not match the rubber shoes. And what do you know, they are even prettier than the polka dots corsage. I guess, I will have to get another one of these at my next trip to Daiso. For those who do not know, Daiso is a chain of 100 Y store, where everything (or almost everything) costs a 105Y.

Anyway, just a reminder before you think of copying me idea: the clip is rather sharp.

The long and sharp clip at the back of the corsage

Therefore if you are crafty, I advice you to get something like Velcro and attach them to both the shoe and the corsage (that is, if you no longer want to use the shoes as they are ). Or get a smaller clip attached to it. As myself, I am going to stick the to the same clip (because, I may use the corsage later for my scarf or clothes) but I will put a band aid where the clip touches my feet to avoid chafing or even scaring.

So what do you think of this revamping your shoes idea?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flowers(and accessories) that make my everyday look a bit "funner"

It has been so hot lately that I have not put any effort into "dressing up". I usually wear a jean and a shirt or a tube dress to walk (and get on the bus) around Naka Ku. But I wanted to change a bit today. So on my way to city hall (to get my resident card) and China Town I decided to add a few accessories to my outfit.  This is what I wore:

Outfit of the day

Red lace tank- Factory 2 U
White top - Ross
Calvin Klein Jeans- Ross
White scarf with red roses- bought years ago in Japan for nothing
Dollhouse Lomo Sandals- Ross
Hand of Fatimah necklace- bought at home
Japanese design corsage- Daiso Isezakicho
Silver ring- bought in Vivre Yokohama years ago

Red roses scarf

Dollhouse Lomo sandals

Hand of Fatimah necklace and Japanese design corsage

My favorite ring

You ask me what is special about today's outfit (because I wear the same variation everyday, particularly this top) and I would tell you that it is the accessories. I love the scarf for its simplicity and colors. The shoes add a little funk to everything. I like the length and looseness of the jeans but they failed me today because it rained a bit, and the hem of the pants got wet. I managed to wrap up the hem to avoid the pants to get any wetter. By doing so, the ankle strap of the shoes got to be seen.

While walking in China Town, I even heard a Japanese teenage girl say that I was stylish. It made me happy (Note to oneself: almost anything that foreigners do is stylish for Japanese people, so there is nothing to be thrilled about)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Shotengai- Japanese commercial district

In the US, you have the mall; but in Japan you have the Shotengai. (They also have malls)
Shotengai are little commercial district where they sell everything from fresh produce to clothes. It is not necessarily a market because it is usually little shops along one street. Shotengai can be found almost in every populated district. And they tend to senior citizens or housewives. That is why the prices are competitive and the fashion a little suspicious. However like all bargain places, you need to dig a little to find a jewel.

The reason why enjoy Shotengai so much is because you can find pretty much anything you may need. Moreover the prices are affordable. Sometimes, you can even bargain with the shop owner. On top of that, all the shops are in the same area and tiny, so it is fun to take a stroll there. It is not overwhelming like big malls  or department stores where you walk miles, take the elevators to find a specific store.

My first experience with the Shotengai happened in Osaka Minoo. However, I had just arrived in Japan and did not appreciate it. I went straight for the big department stores. After a year in Japan, I began to realize that shopping in department stores would break my bank. Hence, I opted for little shops whenever I would find one. I discovered Gumyoji Shotengai because my best friend was residing there. As the perfect shopaholic she is (Birds of a feather flock together), she showed me around. It was a pleasure checking the little shoe store at the entrance of the Shotengai, the accessories store where I got scarves, the big discount store where I bought presents for my entire family the first time I went back home and the Mos burger (Japanese fast food chain) where I would end my shopping trip. I have to say that during the two years my pal lived in Gumyoji, the Shotengai used to absorb our money and time, till we moved to hipper places.

                                                              Gumyoji Shotengai Entrance
                                (photo: http://members.ytv.home.ne.jp/makiron-i/welcome.html)

A better view of Gumyoji Shotengai

I have not found another Shotengai like the one in Gumyoji. I am still craving that. There are two near my new place: Motomachi Shotengai and Honmoku Shotengai. The first one is 10 minutes walking distance. I went there today but it is a little too old for me. There have drugstores I may need to check for household goods. I am planning to check the second one, which is bigger ans "hipper" I guess. Maybe I will come back from that trip with interesting goodies. Stay tuned!
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