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Monday, August 23, 2010

Revamping my shoes

Revamping my shoes: Corsage style

I was watching Japanese national TV: NHK the other day and came across a very interesting program: Kurashi no Patona ( The partner of the living). It is a weekly program during which some expert on sewing or knitting showcases how to make pretty things. That day, some lady was showing how to revamp shoes (or any other fashion accessories) by making corsages. She made it seem rather easy and quick. Her work was so beautiful, it inspired me to do the same.
However since I am on the lazy side, I decided that instead of making corsages from scratch, I would just buy them and stick them to my shoes.
And that is what I did today. I was going to the Daiso in Isezaki Mall (they call it a mall, but it is rather a Shotengai). I saw several cute corsages and bought like 5 of them. I wanted more but had to limit myself. How many corsages a girl really need? Not that many!

My corsages (each a 105Y or $1.30) Two Japanese design, two polka dots and one marine style)

I attached the Blue Polka dots corsages to my rubber shoes and voila:



Pretty, isn't it?

I saw the Japanese style corsage (in white and red) at first but for some reason, I just took one, thinking they would not match the rubber shoes. And what do you know, they are even prettier than the polka dots corsage. I guess, I will have to get another one of these at my next trip to Daiso. For those who do not know, Daiso is a chain of 100 Y store, where everything (or almost everything) costs a 105Y.

Anyway, just a reminder before you think of copying me idea: the clip is rather sharp.

The long and sharp clip at the back of the corsage

Therefore if you are crafty, I advice you to get something like Velcro and attach them to both the shoe and the corsage (that is, if you no longer want to use the shoes as they are ). Or get a smaller clip attached to it. As myself, I am going to stick the to the same clip (because, I may use the corsage later for my scarf or clothes) but I will put a band aid where the clip touches my feet to avoid chafing or even scaring.

So what do you think of this revamping your shoes idea?

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