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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flowers(and accessories) that make my everyday look a bit "funner"

It has been so hot lately that I have not put any effort into "dressing up". I usually wear a jean and a shirt or a tube dress to walk (and get on the bus) around Naka Ku. But I wanted to change a bit today. So on my way to city hall (to get my resident card) and China Town I decided to add a few accessories to my outfit.  This is what I wore:

Outfit of the day

Red lace tank- Factory 2 U
White top - Ross
Calvin Klein Jeans- Ross
White scarf with red roses- bought years ago in Japan for nothing
Dollhouse Lomo Sandals- Ross
Hand of Fatimah necklace- bought at home
Japanese design corsage- Daiso Isezakicho
Silver ring- bought in Vivre Yokohama years ago

Red roses scarf

Dollhouse Lomo sandals

Hand of Fatimah necklace and Japanese design corsage

My favorite ring

You ask me what is special about today's outfit (because I wear the same variation everyday, particularly this top) and I would tell you that it is the accessories. I love the scarf for its simplicity and colors. The shoes add a little funk to everything. I like the length and looseness of the jeans but they failed me today because it rained a bit, and the hem of the pants got wet. I managed to wrap up the hem to avoid the pants to get any wetter. By doing so, the ankle strap of the shoes got to be seen.

While walking in China Town, I even heard a Japanese teenage girl say that I was stylish. It made me happy (Note to oneself: almost anything that foreigners do is stylish for Japanese people, so there is nothing to be thrilled about)

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