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Korea Krazy

Have you watch Japanese TV recently? Everywhere channel to zap to, there is some Korean boys or girls band singing or some Korean drama being aired. Some channels even have so much program around Korean stars that one may wonder if they are watching Korean TV?
Japan is going through what they call the "second wave of Korean Boom". Translation, the Koreans are invading Japan with their music, fashion and culture. The first wave started with the famous Korean drama "Fuyu no Sonata" in 2003, and from that moment Japanese have been obsessed with Korea. Korean actors became famous and adored all over the place. And the Korean economy took a boost with many Japanese visiting Korea and shopping like crazy.
Now since 2010, the second wave has started but it is more about singers. Bands like Kara, Girls Generation, Tohoushinkei 2PM (to name a few) perform regularly in Japan in front of millions of fans. And up and coming K-pop singers are making their mark in small Korean towns in Tokyo.
I have been hooked on Korea ever since I visited in 2000. Everything was so beautiful and people were nice. I visited the temples, ate in small stalls at markets and shopped like crazy. I went again in Seoul in 2002 with my hubby for a week of shopping. I loved shopping in Bangkok last Winter but I am sorry to say that Bangkok has nothing on Seoul night markets. The later are open until the wee hours of night offering all kinds of goods for a very unbeatable price. Plus you can bargain (if you learn how to say lower the price in Korean, which I did). Mind you, I did not shop designers but the quality of the clothes are very good. I shopped an entire Winter wardrobe for $200. And to this day, I still have some items I bought in Seoul that I enjoy.

I am not an expert on Korean Fashion but after watching so many Korean dramas, this much I know: Korean fashion is out of this world crazy. I just adore it. It is bold mixed with a tad of fantasy and lots of cuteness. Some things are not for me but I still find them very fashion forward. Take for example this Leopard sweater in green. I mean,who does this? And the first time I saw it, the girl wearing it accessorize with a red knitted scarf. Talk about a crazy color palette.

Suzy Bae wearing a green leopard sweater in Dream High

Apparently, Korean girls love to layer and accessorize a lot. They also enjoy mixing styles and colors. I also have the feeling that most of them are into really cute stuff, too cute for my taste. They also enjoy wearing heels like Japanese girls, maybe because they are on the short side.
I wish I could go back to Seoul, not only for the shopping but just to enjoy myself. It would be a girls only  trip so that we could shop till we drop, enjoy some coffee in those wonderful coffee shops I found last time I went there (They have big couches and great sweets), eat Chijimi and just relax.

Korean fashion trends I die over:

Oversized tee with prints

Funky sweaters

Cape style coats

Korean drama fashion I lust over:

Actress Yoon Eun Hye in My Fair Lady: the red bob, the tutu skirt paired with a simple grey tee and the fierce outfits. Le sigh!

Actress Suzy Bae in Dream High: total drool over her capy coats and cute accessories (check out the gloves)

And currently watching Hana yori Dango, the Korean version. I mean what kind of men dress like that?

Random: for those like me who absolutely adore Forever 21, know that it was created by a Korean couple living in the US in 1984. Learn more here and here

And for those of you suckers of fun videos, here are some I enjoy from Korea

Mister from Kara


I am your man from 2PM


Anonymous said…
I am sorry but there is a terrible misconception, fuyu sonata was only a hit with a small population of old house wives, we japanese do not like kpop and kpop culture, we only see it as cheap imitation of our own and american music style. sm entertainment and korean government try to blow things out of proportion with their nation branding initiative, bulk buying of records in japan to place on the charts, etc. it is not reflection of people interest, we all hate it and sick of it, korean government has bought out stock of many major broadcast companies here and play korean content all day and night, we are so sick of this cheap copy cat nonsense, and there is a lot of resentment growing now towards korean things, unfortunately it was a cause of their own device, they wanted to be big here too much, now they are hated, but please do not think we japanese like korean things, or that what you think to be korean things are korean, but only cheaply imitated reproduction
Anonymous said…
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Chilel said…
I am glad you commented. Obvioulsy not all Japanese people like Kpop and Korean dramas. But you cannot deny that a vast majority (or minority depending on how you see it) enjoy it. I wish you leave your email so we could discuss further on the topic. For myself I am obssessed and I like it.

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