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It is raining, it is chilly, and I found this in my closet

Remember when I cured my obsession of jumpsuits by by buying three in a row. Well I ended up giving  one away, and wearing the two others only twice.
Today I am wearing the one I like the most.

Scarf - gifted
Jumpsuit - Shimamura
Shoes - Bonita
Hoop earrings - H&M
Beaded bracelet - can't remember
Ring - can't remember

My new fave pose

Had this scarf since 1999, the last thing I received before boarding the plane to Japan (except hugs and kisses)

Do you have things in your closet that...

you love but can't remember where you got them? It is the case with the last two accessories

And I was happy to discover that even though I gained weight, it still fitted me. (That is why I always buy clothes a size bigger. I know I am prone to gain weight. Besides, I do not like tight clothes). Another thing I discover about the jumpsuit is that its color is grey or non-color like they say in Japan. When I bought it I thought it was dark green. I guess it was due to the lighting of the store. I am a bit disappointed but I still like it. It is so comfortable, it is like I am walking naked. (No strike that, I would not feel comfortable walking naked). It is like I am wearing sweats, which I do when I sleep.
Now, the question I ask myself is why if the jjumpsuit is so comfy, I only wore it twice since I bought it back in September 2010. I have no answer but plenty of excuses I will not bore you with. I just hope, I will get to wear it more in the following months before Winter.


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