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Saturday, August 20, 2011

DiM: Furoshiki bag

Have you ever heard of a Furoshiki bag?

A Furoshiki bag is a piece of cloth that Japanese people use to wrap things in like lunch bags (bento), bottles, mainly anything that you want to transport from one place to another. I like furoshiki bags because we do have the same tradition at home. Whenever you need to transport big bowls of food around, we wrap them in cloth.
Anyway, a while back during Afrika Festa I saw a Japanese lady wearing a Furoshiki bag. I told her that her bag was fancy and she responded that she just wrapped a scarf around two bag handles and that was it. I thought about doing the same thing for months after that. My obsession took a peek when at my son's school mothers monthly meeting some Japanese ladies offered to teach us how to do various Furoshiki styles. I did not have time to stay for the entire lesson but I snagged a paper with all the furoshiki styles and how to reproduce them. Here is an image similar to the one I snagged.

From the Japanese Ministry of Environment

So after multi months of waiting, here I am trying to do the bag by myself.

Here is what I need:
- Any big enough squared scarf (but not too big)
- bag handles

1- Take the ring and put two ends of the scarf through it, then tie them making a beautiful bow

2- Repeat the same with the other two ends and smooth the edges.
 You have your own Furoshiki bag.

Next step: find some better cloth, preferably a Japanese one

What I like the most about the bag is that you can untie it and make it over using other scarves. And it cost only 100Y for the bag handles at Daiso. If you want fancier bag handles, you can check your local craft store. As for myself, I am happy with the Daiso cheap bag handles (although I just noticed that they are too small. I want something big so I can carry my bag on my shoulders)

One last point:  If you are afraid of the contents of your bag spilling, use a sturdier smaller bag that you would put inside your Furoshiki bag.

So what do you think?

Some cuter and better looking Furoshiki bag


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