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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another good day

Today was another day I got to spend with my friend Angie. We headed to Jica Cafe Terrace in Minato Mirai (behind World Porters) for lunch. I thought it was a restaurant but it was more like a cafeteria. The menu was limited but for 680Y, I could not complain. I ordered Friend oysters over curry sauce and white rice and Angie had some Chili con carne over rice. I also took a side of potatoes and fried fish for my baby boy. I think we were both satisfied with our food. Plus the view is to die for. If it was less chilly we would have eaten outside in the terrace. Maybe in Summer?

Anyway, here is what I wore:

Grey beret - Can't remember where I got it
Trench coat - H&M
Sweater - Uniqlo
Dress - Thrifted
Jeggins - Ross
Bag- Honey's
Shoes - Australia

I think this dress must have been the first thing I thrifted in the USA. I just loved the check design. Plus it is a wrap around which means that even if I gain weight I can still wear it. Although it has been sad to realise that I need to loosen the belt now. Still, it is always a pleasure wearing it.
My boots failed me on that day. The heel just detached from the sole. I did see it coming and I should have done something but I was too lazy. Now I am on the hunt for new boots but I am repairing these. They are the oldest boots I ever had and they are super comfy. Why would I want to throw such a good thing.

After lunch, Angie and I had took a stroll inside World Porters. We window shop and I saw some pretty things but being broke, I went home empty handed. Nevertheless I notice some things that I would love to get once money starts flowing again. I used to shop a lot in World Porters back when my best friend was working there. But now, it seems so far from Sakuraguicho station that I barely go there. In fact the last time I was there was for my bday last year. I am definitely going there more often, if not to shop but just for the walk.

Before parting ways, Angie and I entered the HMV music store in World Porters. Well, we were forced to because my son saw his favorite cartoon character there. I took the occasion to listen on a song that has been on my mind lately: Sit, stay, wait, down. It is by Japanese famous pop artist Namie Amuro. The song is part of the soundtrack of an interesting drama about 4 girls trying to find love. The song is just upbeat and so funny- she compares her lover to a dog- I cannot seem to get it out of my mind. Listen to it here.

My lunch

Angie's lunch

Angie trying on some fur hat in a thrift store

Some Xmas trees in World Porters

For more info on Jica Port Terrace Cafe, go here in Japanese

and on World Porters, go here in English

If I do not blog before Xmas and New Year, I am wishing you all some fun time with your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We have been blessed with nice days recently. It is a break I appreciate since these past weeks were really gloomy and cold. Saturday was a particular fun day for me. I attended a kids bday party with my"other family" in Japan, which consists of two other couples with two daughters each. I love being with them because it gives me a break from boys. I cannot help but beam at the girls who only want to wear pink or enjoy princess dresses. And I so wanted to play with their barbies. I am not sure what GOD has in stores for me but I wish I do get a girl (or two) in the future. Imagine the fun I would have dressing her up and shopping with her. My husband will probably go bankrupt with us so I need a job before that (so I could save).
Anyway here is what I wore:

White beret- random shop in former Cial Yokohama
White shirt - thrifted
Fur vest - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted
Boots - G.U.

I love the entire ensemble. I thrifted the vest a couple of weeks ago in 390 mart. I was just looking for a black bag when I entered their shop and was blown to find fur coats and vests. I always wanted fur. I remembered that some 7 years ago they were in style and my best girl and I wanted to buy matching ones for our birthdays. But at the last minute we backed up, we thought that you needed to have a lavish life style (which we did not) to wear a fur coat. We ended up getting matching rings instead. Now, I am still in love with fur but I think that a vest is a more subtle way to wear it. It is less in your face. And the jewel cost 409Y. Can't beat that! (unless you get it for free)

On the way to the party. Took this sweater in case I would get cold but forgot about wearing it. It was still cold in Roppongi but the place was packed

After the bday party, we drove in town to watch the illuminations. We missed the ones in Omotesando so we decided to head to Roppongi Hills. All along the way, I kept seeing people looking at the sky. And I was wondering what they were looking at. I knew that there was a small chance it would be fireworks (Fireworks are more of a Summer thing in Japan even though on that day there was a special one scheduled in Odaiba). But I also knew that there was a beautiful full moon. Yet I was puzzled because a full moon could not explain the people sudden interested in the sky. Then I received a text from my friend telling me about the eclipse. I peaked outside from the car and saw a huge eclipse. We were just arriving in Roppongi so the hubby parked. It was the first time I was seeing an eclipse and It was beautiful yet spooky. We also admired the illuminations and took some pics. My camera being crappy I could not take a good pic of the eclipse. But it is forever written in my memory. There is one other thing I can write off my list of things to do.....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chilier, Chilly, less chilly I hope

As Winter approached and the temperatures were still high, I was still dreaming of having a warm season this year. But all my dreams were shattered after last week's temperature drop. One day we were in the 19 degrees and the next, it fell to 7. And to top it all, it started to rain.

Yesterday was one of those bad weather days. It was cold, raining. And I was this close to tears because I wished I had a car or could drive in this country instead of taking the bus and climbing hills to go to my house.

Yet today was better. Today was a good day, weather wise. The sun was out. It was still chilly but bearable. As usual I decided to take a stroll instead of going straight home. I had a Xmas party with some mothers and their toddlers at my son's school in the morning. As soon as the party ended, I took a walk around Yamate Cho and Motomachi.

I have to say that I am lucky that my son's school is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Yokohama. It is so beautiful that everyday you would see tourists (from Japan and other places) coming to visit. Or old people sitting to sketch. Or even fashion magazines coming to do their shoot there. It is beautiful but I never take the time to stop and smell the roses (literally because there is a rose garden in the area as well). The area is filled with old houses and lush gardens. There is also an old cemetary. And as you walk down there is the American hill park where kids enjoy playing. And I thought that it was the perfect spot for my shoot.

Here is what I wore:

Red scarf - Jerusalem Halal meats
Trench - H&M
Grey sweater - Thrifted
White shirt - Thrifted
Barely seen turtle neck - DKNY
Pants - Ross
Shoes - Zara

I like my outfit particularly the sweater. It was one the last things I thrifted in the US before leaving for Japan. I am in love with it because it is very comfy and the material is very good. I also like my shirt that I thrifted during our Xmas bazaar. It is from Twenty One. I thought that it was from Forever 21 but apparently there is also a british line called that. I got do more research on the topic. Anyway, the shirt is still very comfy and it has pockets. I was so happy to find it since I was on the lookout for a very wide and long white shirt. I had to put red in the outfit to respect the Xmas theme for the party. And another mother at the party told me that my striped red shoes look like candy cane. I found it funny because a candy cane never crossed my mind when I bought those shoes last Spring. I just thought they were perfect for the marine look trend. It is crazy how things can take on a new meaning when season changes.

I finish my stroll in Motomachi, which is a hip fashion district. Think Rodeo drive but a bit smaller and with more Japanese brands. The place was decorated for Xmas since after Halloween (they start as early as that in Japan, do not ask me why). The shops had some fun displays. And I was itching to shop. Being broke and all ( I am always broke in December because I indulge too much in November, my bday month) I could not . So I just admired the streets and envy the madames who were there for shopping (GOD, I am still waiting for that answer to my prayer: take away all the envy from my heart!!!) . Nevertheless I had a good walk...
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