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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another good day

Today was another day I got to spend with my friend Angie. We headed to Jica Cafe Terrace in Minato Mirai (behind World Porters) for lunch. I thought it was a restaurant but it was more like a cafeteria. The menu was limited but for 680Y, I could not complain. I ordered Friend oysters over curry sauce and white rice and Angie had some Chili con carne over rice. I also took a side of potatoes and fried fish for my baby boy. I think we were both satisfied with our food. Plus the view is to die for. If it was less chilly we would have eaten outside in the terrace. Maybe in Summer?

Anyway, here is what I wore:

Grey beret - Can't remember where I got it
Trench coat - H&M
Sweater - Uniqlo
Dress - Thrifted
Jeggins - Ross
Bag- Honey's
Shoes - Australia

I think this dress must have been the first thing I thrifted in the USA. I just loved the check design. Plus it is a wrap around which means that even if I gain weight I can still wear it. Although it has been sad to realise that I need to loosen the belt now. Still, it is always a pleasure wearing it.
My boots failed me on that day. The heel just detached from the sole. I did see it coming and I should have done something but I was too lazy. Now I am on the hunt for new boots but I am repairing these. They are the oldest boots I ever had and they are super comfy. Why would I want to throw such a good thing.

After lunch, Angie and I had took a stroll inside World Porters. We window shop and I saw some pretty things but being broke, I went home empty handed. Nevertheless I notice some things that I would love to get once money starts flowing again. I used to shop a lot in World Porters back when my best friend was working there. But now, it seems so far from Sakuraguicho station that I barely go there. In fact the last time I was there was for my bday last year. I am definitely going there more often, if not to shop but just for the walk.

Before parting ways, Angie and I entered the HMV music store in World Porters. Well, we were forced to because my son saw his favorite cartoon character there. I took the occasion to listen on a song that has been on my mind lately: Sit, stay, wait, down. It is by Japanese famous pop artist Namie Amuro. The song is part of the soundtrack of an interesting drama about 4 girls trying to find love. The song is just upbeat and so funny- she compares her lover to a dog- I cannot seem to get it out of my mind. Listen to it here.

My lunch

Angie's lunch

Angie trying on some fur hat in a thrift store

Some Xmas trees in World Porters

For more info on Jica Port Terrace Cafe, go here in Japanese

and on World Porters, go here in English

If I do not blog before Xmas and New Year, I am wishing you all some fun time with your loved ones.

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