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Xmas lunch and wardrobe planning

Hey Y'all. Let me tell you about the fantastic day I had:
I had an early Xmas lunch with some friends at a nice hotel restaurant in Minato Mirai. The place is called Sirius and is located on the 70th floor of Landmark Tower (the tallest building in Minato Mirai).

Here is what I wore:
Scarf - Walmart Fur vest - Thrifted Jacket - random store in Nandemon, South Korea Dress - G.U. Top - Walmart Pants - A'Gaci Shoes - Shimamura Bag - I world Necklace - gifted

My new favorite necklace, a gift for my Bday I felt like wearing all black today. But I just could not. I had to blend with grey. I wanted to look elegant, and I think black and grey are simple colors that could have made me pull it off. However, it just did not feel elegant enough. I guess it is because of the boots or the length of the vest. I am thinking that my other Suede wedge boots would have looked better. But it was going to take me forever to put them on this morning, and I was running late. So I settled for my motor…


I think that every fashion blogger is vain. You have to be if you take pictures of yourself and post them on the net for the world to see. I am thinking that I am as vain as the next blogger. But I am not the vainest. Actually I think the vainest of all are people who blog, post all kinds of pictures on Facebook and have Twitter accounts to talk about it. So I am not at that level yet because I do not post (many) pics of myself on Facebook and I do not even have a twitter account.

But let us get back to me. Here are the vain pictures of today (or last week)

Beret- Cial (it is studded by the way) Faux leather jacket - Shimamura Sweater - Forever 21 Turtle neck - G.U. Bag - Thrifted Skirt - Nissen online (it is dotted inside) Boots - Shimamura RIng - (barely seen) H&M Last week, we had lunch with the mothers of the baby group I used to run. One of them was leaving and we all decided to have a Sayonara (goodbye) lunch for her and her daughter at an Italian restaurant in town. I w…

Bday Celebrations

For weeks now I have been thinking about what I was going to do for my Bday. For some reasons I wanted a week celebration. I know that I am not Kim K. and that my so not Kanye of a husband is not going to sweep me off to Italy. So I began planning the festivities in my head. First I would gather some of my friends and go Karaoke, then we will go to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Another day I will take cooking classes from my Indonesian friend (she makes a mean egg curry that I have been dying to learn). Then another day, I will go shopping to Harajuku and or Shibuya. Finally I was hoping that the hubby will get a hint and take me out somewhere nice where I get to break the nice red dress I bought months ago just for an occasion like that. (I wish!!!)
But what do you know, life gets in the way of plans. For starters I got visitors from France that I had to show the country, so I did not have time to myself, let alone plan something. Then it was the Xmas bazaar at my sons' school so…


Living in Japan, you would think that I did not have to celebrate Halloween. But no, I had to a couple of times. Halloween feels like a holiday the Japanese have invented. A month before the actual holiday, stores are decorated with paper pumpkins and skeletons. They also sell a lot of that stuff. My neighbor had put a pumpkin wreath on her front door. I felt like I was in the US. Strike that, it was never that crazy even in the US. So imagine my surprise when I took a stroll down Motomachi street after I picked up my kids from school. I had heard that the Motomachi Halloween parade is something to see. But ever since we moved back to Japan, I managed to missed it. This year, I decided to go for it. And boy, was I knocked over my socks. The narrow street was packed with people in all kinds of costumes from the scariest to the cutest. Kids would line in front of stores to receive candies and other goods. They also got some balloons. It was a frenzy. I even saw some disguised pets. The…