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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I think that every fashion blogger is vain. You have to be if you take pictures of yourself and post them on the net for the world to see. I am thinking that I am as vain as the next blogger. But I am not the vainest. Actually I think the vainest of all are people who blog, post all kinds of pictures on Facebook and have Twitter accounts to talk about it. So I am not at that level yet because I do not post (many) pics of myself on Facebook and I do not even have a twitter account.

But let us get back to me. Here are the vain pictures of today (or last week)

Beret- Cial (it is studded by the way)
Faux leather jacket - Shimamura
Sweater - Forever 21
Turtle neck - G.U.
Bag - Thrifted
Skirt - Nissen online (it is dotted inside)
Boots - Shimamura
RIng - (barely seen) H&M
Last week, we had lunch with the mothers of the baby group I used to run. One of them was leaving and we all decided to have a Sayonara (goodbye) lunch for her and her daughter at an Italian restaurant in town. I wanted to look nice but still stay casual. I got inspired by the daughter of the lady who is leaving. Her daughter is four soon and very fierce. Her mother lets her choose her own outfit and everyday it is a delight to see her. One day she wears her princess oufit, the next she wears hello kitty headband. I decided to wear this tulle skirt I had since last Spring just in case she decided to be a ballerina and wear a tutu. But she came as a bunny. Anyway I had fun at the group and later on at the lunch.
I am going to miss my friend for she is such a sweet and fun person to be around. But I do wish her the best in moving forward... 

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