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One good thing about going home ( a part from enjoying the family, eating local food, and sleeping late) is that I receive gifts. My family ( on both sides) pamper me and the kids. It is mostly clothes but am not complaining. I got these dresses pictured below from my Mother in law. I was happy about it because I wanted to get some new ones tailored back home. The red one is perfect for running errands while the longer one will be reserved for lazy Sunday brunches. 

The sleeves on the red one are a bit tight ( and weird) so I am thinking about removing them.

New sandals with silver beads

Not really a fan of the ruching but still an easy dress to wear.
I am at the age where I do not receive much gifts so getting them always makes me giddy! No matter what the presents. I also got dresses from my Mother, my Sister in Law, a perfume from my Brother in law. I could not be happier. 
Do you get presents from your family often?

DIM: Kimono

I hate sewing but I love it also. For a long time I always dreamt of making my own clothes ( because I could never find exactly what I wanted at the mall). This year, I stopped dreaming and decided to learn. It is such a pain, plus it takes so much time that I have a room full of unfinished projects.  However, I am not discouraged. The thing is to keep on going. Even the world greatest seamstress did not become one overnight.

Today I decided to try making a Kimono ( or what I call Summer coat) after reading a fairly easy tutorial on the net ( check it out here). I used some sheer fabric with golden printed flowers that I had purchased at Clover center a while back. I wanted to make a skirt out of it but there were not enough yardage. Yet, it was perfect for the Kimono.

The entire task was very easy. And it took me roughly less than 2 hours to do it. Yes, the fabric did pucker a lot and the overall look screams beginner. But I am pretty content with the result. I think I will repeat …

Goa, finally!

On an impulse, we went to Goa for a long week end, stealing two days of the busy week. We took the car and the driver because it would be easier.  So early on Thursday we set off. It took around 10 hours to navigate from Pune to Goa. It was a pleasant drive and we stop a few times just to enjoy Chai, relieve our bladder or simple lunch. We spotted a new lunch place called Hotel Nishigandh where we had Butter chicken, Bhindi ( Lady Fingers) Masala and Masala rice something I never had before but quite enjoyed. 

The restaurant banner 
The road to Goa had many hills, some waterfall and lots of greenery that made for a beautiful landscape.
We arrived at our hotel located in Porvorim. It is a bit far from the beach, and not luxurious at all. However it is quiet, far from tourist traps and proper. We settled down and then headed to Candolim beach where I read there was the best beach shack of Goa. Candolim was busy, packed with tourists drinking and eating at local overpriced restaurants an…

Goa in Pictures

Pool view from our hotel

Beach view from Thalassa restaurant

"Can't wait!" Stuffed chicken and fries at Thalassa

Grounds at Thalassa, rooms with names of Greek gods


Colorful house

Road that reminds me of my Gambia 

Beautiful Bougainvilliers at hotel

Nice and simple restaurant

Absolutely serene

An oasis in the hustle bustle of the town

Decorated table

Finally, Goan shrimp curry

Pool at Banana Republic

These lamps were everywhere in Goa, want them for my garden one day

Best local restaurant in town (or at least the only one we tried)

This is where I stand!

Any fashion blogger who tells you that they are doing it for fun, is lying. She or he may have started it for fun or to push her\himself to be more adventurous but once she or he realises what could be at stake, their attitude changes. With blogging comes all kind of perks: popularity, endorsements, being invited to fashion shows, collaborations with fashion designers, book deals, launch of career. It can be very lucrative to be a fashion blogger.
I am not going to lie, I did dream of getting all that once I realised the odds. Unfortunately for me I am not popular. Yes, I am read in places I would have never imagined ( Hi Ukraine and Iraq) but I do not have a lot of traffic on my site. I tried to improve things and started putting my blog on social medias. But I am not there yet.
However from time to time I get emails from casinos wanting to advertise on my blog or asking me to write an article about "what to wear for a night in a casino" for a nice fee. Although the money i…