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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


One good thing about going home ( a part from enjoying the family, eating local food, and sleeping late) is that I receive gifts. My family ( on both sides) pamper me and the kids. It is mostly clothes but am not complaining. I got these dresses pictured below from my Mother in law. I was happy about it because I wanted to get some new ones tailored back home. The red one is perfect for running errands while the longer one will be reserved for lazy Sunday brunches. 

The sleeves on the red one are a bit tight ( and weird) so I am thinking about removing them.

New sandals with silver beads

Not really a fan of the ruching but still an easy dress to wear.

I am at the age where I do not receive much gifts so getting them always makes me giddy! No matter what the presents. I also got dresses from my Mother, my Sister in Law, a perfume from my Brother in law. I could not be happier. 

Do you get presents from your family often?

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