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Saturday, April 5, 2014

This is where I stand!

Any fashion blogger who tells you that they are doing it for fun, is lying. She or he may have started it for fun or to push her\himself to be more adventurous but once she or he realises what could be at stake, their attitude changes. With blogging comes all kind of perks: popularity, endorsements, being invited to fashion shows, collaborations with fashion designers, book deals, launch of career. It can be very lucrative to be a fashion blogger.
I am not going to lie, I did dream of getting all that once I realised the odds. Unfortunately for me I am not popular. Yes, I am read in places I would have never imagined ( Hi Ukraine and Iraq) but I do not have a lot of traffic on my site. I tried to improve things and started putting my blog on social medias. But I am not there yet.
However from time to time I get emails from casinos wanting to advertise on my blog or asking me to write an article about "what to wear for a night in a casino" for a nice fee. Although the money is very tempting, I always answer no. I may not be the best person ever ( I have flaws and vices) but I can not promote something I do not believe in. I do not even allow myself to gamble with my life, let along with money. I have never visited a casino and I do not plan to anytime soon. 
Does that make me noble or plain stupid? Do we have to sometimes sacrifice who we are to get ahead?  I am sure some of you would answer yes. But it is not even about values and religions. I realise that I am not that hungry. I want to be successful someday in life but not the extend where I have to sell my soul. Because there is one thing I am sure of is that once you sell your soul, what is stopping fron selling the rest of you?
Now this is not to criticize bloggers who endorse casinos or other things I would not. You do you! Everyone is entitle to do what they think is best for them ( as long as it does not hurt anyone around them). But as for me this is where I stand. You want me to endorse a brand I love ( hey H&M! Where you ate?), review a new label? Write about a boutique or even blog about fashion in general, I am your girl. Anything else that deals with gambling, alcohool, drugs ( even medecines) is not for me and my blog. I hope I made myself clear enough.

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