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Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIM: Kimono

I hate sewing but I love it also. For a long time I always dreamt of making my own clothes ( because I could never find exactly what I wanted at the mall). This year, I stopped dreaming and decided to learn. It is such a pain, plus it takes so much time that I have a room full of unfinished projects.  However, I am not discouraged. The thing is to keep on going. Even the world greatest seamstress did not become one overnight.

Today I decided to try making a Kimono ( or what I call Summer coat) after reading a fairly easy tutorial on the net ( check it out here). I used some sheer fabric with golden printed flowers that I had purchased at Clover center a while back. I wanted to make a skirt out of it but there were not enough yardage. Yet, it was perfect for the Kimono.

The entire task was very easy. And it took me roughly less than 2 hours to do it. Yes, the fabric did pucker a lot and the overall look screams beginner. But I am pretty content with the result. I think I will repeat this task as soon as I find the proper fabric that does not pucker. I can see myself reproducing this.
So what you think?

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