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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hello there!

I am sorry that I have not been steadily blogging in the past months. It is hard to find the time in my new life and the lack of Wi-FI is not helping as well. But I am getting there.

Today, I would like to talk about Networking.

  Now that we have almost settled back home and that the kids are back to school, it is time to concentrate on finding a job. I have not really worked since 2009. I have never worked back home either. Therefore, you can understand that I am dreading the hob hunting process. I have been responding to ads here and there but so far no answers. It may be so because I have not been networking.

In Senegal, everything works with connections. I have been told that if I wanted to even get a foot inside the door of any company, I needed to know at least one person working there.You need to know someone, who knows someone to get something. There is no need to send resumes and respond to ads because no one will even read them. All I need is a good connection. And unfortunately for me, I lack of connections.

Strike that! I have several connections. I know people who are also very well connected whether in private companies or even in the government from my close knit family, to the extended ones, and let us not forget about former classmates and friends. But I do not use them. My mother has been on my case for weeks, even going so far as the send my resume to her former boss. She sees my reluctance to use connections as laziness or lack of enthusiasm.

Blazer - (so old) market in Seoul
Silk camisole - gift from my mother in law
Skirt and Clutch - thrifted (Don don dowm, Japan)
Shoes - Much More
Wacth - gift from Hubby
Ring - Old birthday gift

Is this look professional enough for networking?

Probably not with this attitude!


In truth, I am someone who does not like to use that strategy. I hate networking for two reasons:

- the person you call to ask for a favor can think that you only approach her for that. It can be really bad if it is a family member you never approached before.

- the second reason is that I hate to owe anything to anyone. I want to make it on my own, however crazy that is.

But sadly for me, I have been trying here and there for some months now and nothing has really worked. I am thinking that I have no choice but to network. Call former classmates, visit aunties and uncles, even my younger cousins who know the marketplace. They can all help and some of them even started to. Besides, no one in this world ever made it alone, so I need to swallow whatever pride I have and dial the phone.

What about you? Do you network?
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