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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Peach Tropical Midi for the Theater

Hello everyone!

It is Summer in India and the temperatures are scorching. In our flat, the AC is constantly on. And I dread going out!  I cannot wait for the Monsoon to come and bring a fresh breeze and lower temperatures to Pune.

I have been busy attending my kids school theater week. It is the last week of school and children are performing. First I had to go and listen to my oldest sing, then it was time for each of them to perform a play with their classmates.  I watched the baby's play first which was a remake of the famous kids movie Madagascar. My youngest was playing Marty, the zebra. The play was very funny and entertaining. I did not expect it to be so but the kids age two to six put on a great show. And I have to give kudos to the teachers who organized the entire event.

For the show I wore this printed midi dress that I purchased in Thailand.  I got it with two other tunics at the same store that sold only Jersey dresses. The midi dresses came in several prints but I did not want them originally because they were sleeveless. At the last minute I chose this one because I liked the tropical print.

Scarf - Langkawi night market, Malaysia
Wrap cardigan - Gap
Dress- random store in Pratunam market, Thailand
Leggings - Clover center, Pune
Shoes - Much More, Pune 

The dress is super breezy even when paired with this cardigan. Plus the amphitheater where we watched the performance had air conditioning,  so I did not suffer.  I am thinking that next time I wear the dress I would pair it with a blazer for a more sophisticated look. I just have to pick one from the black, white and peach I already own!

These shoes were ridiculously cheap and I could not resist a cut out peep toe wedge. They are also super comfy and a tad elegant. Best 250 Rps I ever spent! 

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