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Green Creole

While y'all are already thinking about your fall wardrobe, we in Dakar are still going to enjoy Summer till October or further. The cold really comes in my city after December. Therefore we will be fanning ourselves probably till 2019.

This means that for a while I will have to rely on a wardrobe that is versatile and easy breezy to survive the heat wave. 

I did some shopping to try to add those versatile pieces to my wardrobe this Summer. I concentrated on thrifted things because I did not want to spend too much money. I wanted tops that were easy to wear, easy to style and vibrant. As for the bottoms, I wanted an alternative to jeans. So, I went for skirts, maxi and midis. It is too hot to have something between the legs that will chafe you. Maxi skirts in chiffon or cotton are going to be my friend this season. Finally I wanted maxi dresses in chiffon that require minimal to no ironing.

I was lucky enough to find almost everything that I needed at Colobane market. Colobane is a market in the city, renown for used goods. I almost never go there because the market is also renown for its pickpockets. Yet, a friend of mine who always wore delightful tops at work, hooked me up with her seller. I went to Colobane looking for him with another co-worker. We found him surrounded with used clothes in very good condition. And he had brands like Zara, Atmosphere, Asos even Diane Von Furstenberg. I bought two tops and a dress there. The problem is that since he knows he is selling quality stuff, he does not want to lower his prices. My friend and I haggled very hard. But in the end we were satisfied.

For this Summer, I also wanted to ditch the usual colors I fancy such as: orange, pink, red, yellow and blush. I wanted things in green, teal and blue.  I have not succeeded in finding a green or teal top to my liking yet but I got this tropical tee for peanuts at a store near my office.

Scarf - India
Tee - Uno Ouakam
Skirt - Tailor made
Shoes - bought from a friend of a friend
Hoop earrings - HLM Market

I paired the tee with this skirt I got made a while back by my tailor. I added the blue shoes that I never wear because they are a pain. Actually these shoes are good to wear only when you go for a drive with your boo and never get out of the car. They are the type of shoes you wear to go to a party where you do not want to dance. I still managed to wear them for a couple of hours at work before I ditched them.

If you are not familiar with my signature bun scarf look by now, get with the program. I love this style so much, it has been on steady repeat during all of my recent outings. And to think, just two years ago, I would not be caught dead wearing this outside of my house. I used to think, it was too much. Oh, how I have changed!!!

I absolutely love the look. It was such an effortless look that took me five seconds to figure out. It wonderfully combines color blocking and color coordinating. Plus, as soon as I entered the office, my co-workers complemented me. One even said that I look like I was enjoying Summer, which is exactly what I wanted to emulate. And you know, no compliment is good enough unless it comes from another woman. I am really looking forward to recreate easy breezy looks like this not only for work but also for the weekends with all the new (old ) stuff I score.

What about you? What is your Summer go to look? 


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