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Machida Flea market

In Japan, one of the best place to shop for Japanese souvenirs will not be at souvenirs stores in tourist traps but flea markets. Japan has several flea markets in big shopping malls, attraction parks, stadiums, shrines and so forth. However, the one that I like the most is called Machida Tenmangu Flea market. It is located in Machida city at the Tenmangu shrine, 45 mns by train from Yokohama, even less time from Tokyo. The flea market takes place every 1st of the month, every month, rain, snow or shine. It starts very early also, by 8:00 AM and has more than 100 independent vendors.
In the market, you can find used kimonos, kokeshi dolls, vases, dishes, jewelry, paintings, furniture practically anything Japanese or not. The market is small in itself but you can easily spend hours there just browsing, touching, haggling, buying.

The Shrine's entrance (even have vendors on the steps leading to the flea market)
I have been there only twice, but every time I go home happy and completely exhausted. Let me show you what I saw and got the last time I went.

Jewelry: my favorite part of the market is checking jewelry. Unlike some people, I am not above buying pre-owned jewels. I do not care much about their history but about their beauty. Vintage jewelry is so much finer, and nicer. Last time I just got two rings. But this time I bought more stuff. There was this lady that had a table full of accessories. She just dumped them there without arranging it. A potential buyer would have to dig in the pile, sometimes untangling chains to get what she wanted. I had to do the same but after a while I just gave up. That is why I got just a few things considering that she was almost offering them: two golden chains, a charm bracelet and a ring; and it only cost me 800Y.

(Barely noticeable) the black and golden ring and the pink and golden bracelet
Kokeshi dolls: they are cute dolls carved out of wood. You can get nice used ones at the market for a cheap price. This time I got two: one big and a tiny one for 600Y.

Kokeshi doll
Japanese Sake set: I do not drink Sake but I was attracted to this traditional wedding ceremony Sake set in lacquer. It was just too cute and different from other Sake set to pass away. Plus the price did not hurt either: 1000Y

Mine is a bit different but almost as pretty as this pic I snatched on Google
I left the market a bit unsatisfied for I came to look for dishes and serving trays and could not find any that I like and for a price that I wanted. I went home with something else that I did not plan on getting. And that is the beauty of the flea market, you never know what you may end up buying.
For more on the Machida Tenmangu flea market:
Address: Machida Tenmangu Shrine, 1-21-5 Hara machida, Machida-city,
Tokyo Access: 4 min. walk from Machida Station on the Odakyu Line and the JR Yokohama Line
Tel: 090-3314-1994
Schedule: The 1st of each month, as well as Jan. 8th, 8:00 AM-16:00 PM

Another pretty thing I saw at the market and did not buy for it was way too expensive


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