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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heavy Rotation challenge : Week 2

So this is week two of my challenge. I am keeping it up although I have already failed last Saturday by wearing something that was not included in the challenge. I am so bad at this but ppersistence is the key. So here is Week 2 in pictures

Day 9: Sept 5
Black cap + Oversize tee + Red orange jeans + Aztec sandals + Tan clutch

I was so exhausted on Monday. I woke up thinking that it would rain so I wore this. It was Sunshine all and all of sudden it started pouring when I came back from my son's school and I did not have an umbrella on hand. I had to hide in empty covered parking lot with a friend of mine. But thankfully the rain did not last. This Typhoon number 12 is really killing me here.
I did not have time to take a pic, but my outfit looked like this minus the scarf and the bag.

Day 10: Sept 6
Beige scarf + Studded top + Red orange pants + Gladiator sandals + Basket bag

I had lunch with an old classmate today. We went to eat Sweets in Vivre Yokohama and window shop before I rushed back home. I wanted to keep my outfit casual but fun. Absolutely love the top and the jeans. I have to get the same pair but in another color like blue or green. They are so comfy.

Day 11: Sept 7
White scarf +White top + Stripped dress + Aztec sandals + Sequin bag

It was such a nice day today but a minute outside and I was sweating. Thank GOD my outfit was light and super comfy. It almost look and feel like a pyjama reason why I wanted to belt it. However, since I was holding my baby with my Ergo bag, there was no space for a belt. Next time!

Day 12: Sept 8
Beige scarf + Crocheted top + African print skirt + leggings + gladiator sandals + Sequin bag

This outfit look fab in my mind but I started to hate it as soon as I wore it. The crocheted top does not go well with the skirt. And paired with the leggings and the shoes, I feel like a clown (do not ask me why). A total miss..I am seriously thinking that this crocheted top cannot be styled. Moreover, all my accessories get tangled in it.

Day 13: Sept 9
Straw hat + Studded top + Striped dress + beaded sandals + Sequin bag

I like this outfit but as I was walking I realised that I was this close to commit a wardrobe malfunction. The striped dress is very open at the arms but since I had another top on, I did not think that I needed to wear it with a tank top underneath it. However, the sleeves of the top being Bat sleeves, they also give a pretty view of my sides. Therefore, I am sure that I flashed some people on the streets (mind you, I was wearing a bra). This two items shall never be paired again....(unless with a tee or tank top underneath it!!!)

Day 14: Sept 10

I went to run errands today so I had to be comfy. I always wanted to pair these two items but I was worried that it would be too flashy (the top having some red stripes and the bottom being bright red orange). But it works. This will be a redo until the end of my Summer.

This challenge is a bit tiring because I get bored easily. However, it does make my life easier. I will talk about all the things I learned during the challenge at the end of Week 4.

See you for Week 3.

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