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Monday, January 4, 2016

White Elephant ( DIY/ DIM: African print mirror work vest )

Hi y'all!

Okay! It is officially the holiday season. Even in India, people are getting excited about Christmas and New year's with decorations being sold, toys stores going overboard with their deals and do not even get me starting on retail stores. Moreover my kids have all kind of Christmas related events before they go on vacations.

But Mommy was not left out. I had several lunches to attend: one was a potluck, the second a white elephant lunch and the last one was a farewell. In the expat community, many people tend to leave Pune for either long Christmas holidays ( back home or somewhere else) or they leave Pune for good. Some of them like to get together to either say goodbye or just have plain old fun.

That is what I did today. I had two lunches: one with the spouse group of my husband's company and another with my belly dance crew to say farewell to a member. For the 1st lunch, we have decided to do a white elephant game. I have never played it before but the rules were simple. Each person coming to lunch would bring a present of a decided budget, then we each take a turn and choose a present. Once opened we can decide if we want to keep it or just steal a present someone else has. We had so much fun opening the presents and stealing them. Plus it was a nice ice breaker for all the new comers to our group. I do not remember the last time I had so much fun over getting or stealing presents. I did not want to leave but I had to. At another restaurant in town, my belly dance crew were already gathering. We ate and talked but we also took 100 of pictures ( I am not exaggerating). Finally we presented our friend with gifts and a card wishing her a safe journey back home.

For the lunches, I wanted to be comfy, casual but with a twist. Here is what I wore

Vest - Made by me
Blouse - Just Brands
Jeans - HM
Shoes - gift
Bag - M.G. Road
Watch - gift

 This vest was actually a Kurta ( tunic) I had to make for garment making class two years ago when I was in fashion school. I successfully made the tunic but it was too big. ( My teacher did warn me but I told her that I like my clothes to be oversized). Then I took it in and it became too tight. I was getting bored with the whole thing so I removed the sleeves, and turn it into a vest. I just folded the tunic in half lengthwise, iron it and just cut it open at the front. Then I hemmed the openings. Finally I proceeded to bling it up with huge sequins and small ones. I am still going to add more when I have the time. That is what I love about making clothes, even when I think I  have finished a garment, I always find a way to upgrade it or simply change it.

Big sequins ( or commonly called mirror work in here)

Can you spot the small sequins on the side?

The details! 

I am not sure I will be posting before Christmas and New year's so I am wishing you to have a wonderful time spent with loved ones, good food and good fun all in peace and joy. I also want to thank you for reading me, whether you just started or you have been doing it for years. I always say this blog is mostly for my own fun, but it still nice to know that other people enjoy it too.

See you in 2016, Inchallah (God willing!) !

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