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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Sunday, another fair

It was another simple Sunday in Pune with showers here and there. We decided to check this Sari fair in Karve Rd. It took us some time to find the place. And when we did, we had so many styles of Saris in front of us mostly made of some kind of silk (did not even know that there were different kind of silk). We did not buy because we were just looking. And I have to say that the Saris were not cheap. I am not even sure as to what should be a normal price. Sometimes I wish I had an Indian friend to hang with here so she could guide me. She would know where to get the best Indian material, teach me how to drape a Sari, introduce me to a good seamstress and hire for Mehendi sessions at home among other things...Too bad all my Indian friends are out of India. Or maybe it is time to make new friends? 

Kurta - Big Bazaar
Jeans -can't remember
Tablet cover used as a clutch - Gift
Shoes - Ross

Had these shoes for 7 years now, yet I can count the number of times I worn them (around five times). How come?

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