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Friday, April 29, 2011

Japanese day

My son's school had its Japanese day today. It was scheduled for the week of March 15 but the earthquake changed all the plans. The earthquake also put an end to the big food fair that the school organises every year. However, the super moms of the school decided to have a bake sale to raise money for the victims of the earthquake. So far, the school have raised 5 millions yens and the donations keep on coming. Impressive, isn't it.
Anyway, for today's events I decided to wear a Japanese jacket that I love. I purchased it almost 10 years ago at a flea market in Tsukuba but never got the chance to wear it. I was inspired to do so today (since all the kids at school were supposed to wear something Japanese). Upon arrival at school, I realise that I was not the only foreign mom who thought about wearing Japanese clothes. And I did get some praise from my Japanese friends.

Here are the pics:

Pink scarf- Langkawi night market
Japanese silk coat (or Haori) with flowers detail on the back and on the sleeves - Ibaraki flea market
Hanes t-shirt - Homes
Maternity pants -Ross
Faux crocodile skin room shoes - H&M
Beaded necklace - Shasa
Flower earrings - gift from my aunt
Hope for Japan wristband - St Maur school

The back of the Haori

Close up on my face (and destroyed make up)

The shoes: made for home but used for the outside world

These wristbands coast 300Y that will go directly to the earthquake relief fund.
They have for messages:"Hope for Japan" and "Let us support Japan" (written in Japanese)

Love these earrings. Too bad they are starting to get ruined.

 I spent way too much money at the bake sale (providing some cakes baked at home and buying 10 samosa that my Indian friends made) but I do not regret it because it is for a good cause. I guess I was compensating for my guilt at not being able to do much more for this country that I love.
And you? Have you donated (time or money) to help our Japanese friends?

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