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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Never worn challenge : Striped pants

It will be a month since I started the Never worn challenge. And today I am featuring these striped pants I bought on impulse some months ago. I was into the achromatic look back then. But I could never wear the pants. At first they were a bit tight for comfort. Then after I shed a few pounds I was scared to style them for they reminded me of Beetle juice (pic below)

 Today after wearing them for the 1st time I realized that it was just the cut of the pants that was wrong for me. The front looks like I have a sacking belly and that is not the look I am going for. Plus the stripes make me look wider.
 I really want to hold on to these but I think they will have to go. It would not be right to wear something that does not look good on me.

Sweater - Forever 21
Top - thrifted at M.G. road
Pants - Max
Shoes - Head over Heels via Westside

The picture quality is poor coz I used my phone. Sorry

At the end of the month, I just had one item I did not wear and it is one of the Lbds. The maxi dress was worn with wedge boots on a day that was so hectic that I did not take a pic. But believe me when I say that even with boots, they were still too long. I had to knot the middle part for me to walk without tripping. I will just take it to the tailors and have it hemmed. That means, it is a keeper. 
This challenge was interesting because it forced me to take chances and not go for the same old same old stuff. I can see now more uses of the clothes I chose to keep ( fyi I am keeping the other Lbd for it is far too pretty to part with it. )  The pants however are a goner. I will just have to find another one that fits better.
Why don' t you try this challenge before deciding to part with some of your clothes? I promise you it is enlightening. And review how I styled the other items on the list here, here, this one, and finally that one.

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