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Monday, October 19, 2015

Mirrored Image

Hello everyone!  
I cannot believe we are already in the last months of 2015. It is a bit scary because I have not yet done half of the things I set off to do. I did not have any resolutions this year except to live more, enjoy more, laugh more,  learn more, do more. It is still a struggle but I am getting there, or at least I think I am. 

Anyway,  there was nothing special about today except for the fact that I wanted to wear something flowy.
 I had this maxi for years now. I had thrifted it at discount store in Japan. The label says that it is an HM dress. I was drown to the prints and the fact that it comes with a full opaque  petticoat.  The top part,  however  is very sexy so I never worn it as it is. Instead I always wore it with a lace cropped top as a cover up. 

The original dress

But today I decided to add a long sleeves top to it.  As a modest dresser,  I should have many long sleeves top in my arsenal. And I do have some but they are all suited for Fall/Winter ( not this Indian Summer). I had been on the hunt for really soft and breathy ones. I got lucky last week while doing my usual grocery shopping at a department store. I found this top for peanuts. It is in viscose so it is super soft and perfect for this weather. I love the color which is perfectly paired with orange. 

Top -  Big bazaar
Dress (worn as skirt)  -  thrifted from Don Don Down 
Jelly wedges -  also thrifted from Don Don Down 
Watch -  gift from Hubby
Earrings -  Chandra Nagar market 

These were not earrings but chains for the nose and hair according to the vendor who sold them to me. But they are perfect as earrings and also as an anklet as I discovered recently. I am finding more and more love for Indian jewelry. 

The color of these shoes make me so happy. And they are perfect for the rainy weather. It is too bad I do not wear them often.

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